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Japanese space agency wants IT technology on their space crafts

on 03-04-2017

... The Japan Aeroespace Exploration Agency (JAXA) wants to use the electronic sensors developed by IT and the University of Aveiro on its space crafts. The partnership agreement between JAXA and IT has already been signed.

Being able to fit in the palm of a hand, what makes these sensors so special is the fact that they do not need any kind of batteries to function. In fact, their energy comes from a much more inexhaustible source, the radio waves.

By using these sensors, whose data transmission rate achieves 1 Giga byte per second, JAXA will be able to free their ships from several hundred kilos of data transmission cables, saving weight for other useful cargo.

Researchers Nuno Borges de Carvalho, Ricardo Correia and Felisberto Pereira, all from IT and the University of Aveiro, spent the last three years developing these sensors that promise to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT). It is expected that by 2020 there will be the need for about 30 billion batteries, with obvious energy and environmental costs. Being able to be programmed to monitor just about everything, the importance of these battery-free sensors is even more obvious in a future where everything will be connected to everything.