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BioSPPY toolbox simplifies access to BITalino logged data

on 09-03-2017

... Researchers from the Pattern and Image Analysis (PIA) Group of IT in Lisbon developed a toolbox to help BITalino users making more sense out of their data.

With BITalino, there was a limitation when extracting information from the collected data. “BITalino collects Electrocardiography (ECG) data but users had difficulties in performing tasks as simple as obtaining the heart rate from the collected data”, explained Hugo Silva from the PIA Group.

The BioSPPy toolbox provides an easier way to extract the most relevant information, such as muscle activation, heart rate, sympathetic nervous system activations, simple analysis of brain signals, and other signal properties, from the raw data previously collected.

This recent development makes it easier to several thousand BITalino users around the World to achieve their goals when using bio signals.