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Verónica Orvalho and MyDidimos´ $50K bite on the “Big Apple”

on 15-02-2017

... Verónica Orvalho, and MyDidimo were the big winners of the Woman Startup Challenge VR and AI, that took place yesterday at the Google Campus in New York.

As we previously publicized, the IT researcher and founder of MyDidimo was one of the selected 10 finalists of the 4h edition of the Woman Startup Challenge. Before the event, and despite feeling proud about being on the top 10 finalists, Verónica Orvalho was feeling very confident with Didimo´s chances of winning the grand prize. Revealing her plans for the $50K, Verónica said “We will continue to invest in the development of our products; second, we will strengthen our entry strategy for the market, and third, and more importantly, we want to share with all women in the world the opportunity that Women Who Tech has provided us, by applying part of the prize in creating a contest for women, no matter the age or background, where will be presented an idea for a project on which Didimo technology can be used. The winner will receive support to implement her idea.”

As we also previously mentioned, toghether with the $50K in cash award, Verónicas´MyDidimo will also receive $35K in probono legal services.