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UWB antenna designed at IT is included in the Antenna Magus Data Base

by IT on 11-10-2016
The ultrawide band crossed exponential tapered slot antenna configuration (XETS) developed at the Antennas and Propagation Group at Lisbon, was included in the 2016 version of the Antenna Magus database. The XETS is a thin planar printed antenna, so a low-cost, low-profile and light-weight antenna, with almost ideal transfer function (constant amplitude and linear phase) over 110% bandwidth. This makes it the ideal antenna candidate for UWB systems with application for low-cost impulse radio IoT devices (e.g. localization and tracking modules, medical implants), for microwave imaging in security screening and medical applications or for radio over fiber systems, among numerous other tested applications.

Antenna Magus is an antenna synthesis toolbox that enables predesigning any complex antenna from its database, providing the user with the antenna parameter values that meet the system criteria. The design information can be exported to seamlessly integrate with the engineer design workflow. Antenna Magus integrates with market leaders in EM simulation like FEKO, CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® and AWR DESIGN ENVIRONMENT®