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IT brings a Health Kiosk to the night event that celebrates science

by IT on 30-09-2016
IT in Porto will be participating on the NEI- ERN European Researchers Night 2016, whose theme is "Science on a day-to-day ". IT participation will focus on how information and communication technologies (ICT´s) and health are increasingly interconnected, and how this relation can benefit health in general.

The IT team led by Pedro Brandão will be showing how a simple auscultation exam can help detecting health issues and how technologies can improve teaching and training cardiopulmonary auscultation skills. Also, by presenting the HealthKiosk project, the IT team wishes to empower the common citizen with the tools to become more responsible his own health. In HealthKiosk, a PC (All-in-one) guides the user through three basic self-exams (weight, blood pressure, and oximetry).

NEI-ERN is an initiative that has been celebrating science since is first edition in 2005. Currently biannual, the event has two major motivations: raising citizen’s awareness to science´s critical role in our society; and to remind researchers of society´s role in a sustainable scientific progress.

This year´s event will take place on September 30 and, in Porto. It will be held in the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto and the Botanical Garden.