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ERC Work Programme 2017 and Horizon 2020 calls

by IT on 28-07-2016
The 2017 program of the European Research Council has just been published and can be found at:

This document is the annual work programme for the European Research Council funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It is the legal document which sets out how the ERC will allocate its funding for the corresponding year.

The European Commission has also confirmed the calls and other actions of the second year of the two-year Horizon 2020 Work Programmes setting out funding opportunities for 2017. The calls and other actions under the current Work Programme updates have a budget of €8.5 billion:

The 2016-2017 Work Programme builds on the success of Horizon 2020 to date, but the current update introduces important novelties. It has the potential to change the nature of EU-funded research thanks to the introduction of open research data in all new Horizon 2020 calls.