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IT double-win at the SMACD 2016

by IT on 17-07-2016
The Integrated Circuits Group (ICG) from IT in Lisbon had a double-win at the 13th International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design - SMACD 2016, held between 27-30 June at IST Congress Centre.

Ricardo Martins received the Best Paper Award for the paper “On-the-fly Exploration of Placement Templates for Analog IC Layout-aware Sizing Methodologies". In this paper, IT researchers Ricardo Martins, Nuno Lourenço and Nuno Horta, target to state-of-the-art layout aware circuit-sizing flows proposing a methodology for automatic generation of placement templates for analog integrated circuit (IC) design. Experimental results present solutions with 47% less area when compared to a multi-template layout-aware approach.

Also from IT , Carlos Silva, Jorge Guilherme and Nuno horta, won the EDA Competition of SMACD 2016 with the paper “SCALES: A High Speed Simulator Tool for Pipeline A/D Converters”. This work presents the latest version of the pipeline ADC simulator tool (SCALES), a high speed analog behaviour simulation tool for analog-to-digital converters. The tool has been used and validated in several high performance pipeline ADCs, up to 16 bits resolution.