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Ciência Viva no Laboratório 2016: Assembling and soldering the future

by IT on 06-07-2016
Another edition of Ciência Viva no Laboratório has passed in IT. According to both teachers and high school students who participated in Lisbon and Covilhã traineeships, it was once again a great experience! Custódio Peixeiro, coordinator of the INTELE traineeship in Lisbon, was very pleased with how the traineeship unfolded “thanks to the efforts of all those who collaborated and the interested trainees”.

When asked about their favourite activities, learning how to solder was a big favourite of the young students. But other activities like the kits assembling, demystifying the internet and learning about wireless energy and modulation in telecommunications were also very appreciated by the trainees. Despite their preference for the more practical activities, the trainee’s acknowledgement of the importance of the theoretical sessions is very explicit in the words of Francisco, a 16 year old from the 11th grade, who told us that “I was particularly stroked with the great clarity with which the tutors explained the principles that govern telecommunications”. Akruti, another trainee that gave us her feedback, referred to this experience as “a great incentive to study hard so I can be a student here”.

And of course, everyone was very pleased with the group dynamic and the friendships that were made. After all, there is no telecommunications without communication.