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IT researcher awarded in the 2009 IBM Prize Scientific Contest

by IT on 22-07-2010
IT researcher Verónica Orvalho received an Honorable Mention with her work on ''Reusable Facial Rigging and Animation: Create Once, Use Many'' presented for the The 2009 IBM Scientifc Prize Contest.

This research presents a portable character rigging system that integrates into current animation production pipelines. It automatically transfers the facial rig and animations created for one character to different characters, independent of their shape and appearance. It enables artists to create more lifelike facial models in less time; about 90-99 percent faster than traditional manual rigging.

The IBM Scientifc Prize established in 1990 is inteded to promote high standard research work in the areas of Computer Science, stimulating young researchers in Portugal to excel in their work and to interact with the industrial community.

The awards cerimony for the 2009 edition was held at Instituto Superior Técnico on July 19th, 2010.