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Instalation in Moura of the “Aperture Array Verification Program” from SKA Project“Square Kilometer Array”

by IT on 12-03-2010
The “Square Kilometer Array” (SKA) project aims at deploying one of the largest radio telecopes in the southern hemisphere, taking asvantage of new developments in radio and information technology. Two possible sites are being evaluated for SKA instalation: in South Africa or else in Australia; the decision will be taken on 2011. The concept design and preliminary tests will take place up to 2012. One of the test sites is located in Moura, Portugal.

The scientific work in Portugal is being conducted by Doctor Domingos Barbosa (age 41) from Instituto de Telecomunicações (Radio Astronomy Group, Aveiro), in collaboration wirh Instituto Superior Técnico (CENTRA – Centro Multidisciplinar de Astrofísica) and the University of Oporto (Centro de Investigação em Ciências GeoEspaciais). Dr Domingos Barbosa is acting as one of the European representatives for the SKA Science and Engineering Committee.

The President of the Portuguese Republic, Prof Cavaco Silva visited recently the test installation that is being constructed in Moura, Alentejo, Portugal.