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Four awards to IT researchers at ANACOM - 9º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI

by IT on 10-12-2015
URSI's Portuguese Comitee Congress, sponsored by ANACOM, distinguished five research works in its 2015 Conference, in three different categories. Four of these awards went for researchers from IT.

The ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize - the main award of the Conference - was assigned to “Diffractionless Propagation of Electron Waves in Graphene Superlattices”, whose main author is David Fernandes, co-authored by Manuel Rodrigues and the supervisors Mário Silveirinha and Gabriel Falcão, all from IT at the Universidade de Coimbra.

The second and third prizes in the Best Paper category were awarded to Hugo Café, from IST, with “Planning Wireless Mesh Networks for IOT Smart Grid Applications”, supervised by António Rodrigues and Pedro Vieira, and to Alexandra Mourato from ISEG, with the work “Geo-Posicionamento para Redes UMTS, usando Técnicas de Fingerprinting e Modelos de Canal Rádio”, supervised by Pedro Vieira;

In the Best Poster category, the award went to João Felício, from IST, with his work “Imagiologia por Microondas para Deteção de Alvos em Phantoms Humanos utilizando um Algoritmo de Radar no Domínio da Frequência”, supervised by Carlos Fernandes and Jorge Costa.