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IST students win the antenna design competition “2014 IEEE AP-S Student Design Contest”

by IT on 06-07-2014
Andela Zaric and Catarina Cruz, PhD students from IST who are developing their work at the Antennas and Propagation Group of Instituto de Telecomunicações in Lisbon, were the winners at the finals of the competition ''2014 IEEE AP-S Student Design Contest'' held in Memphis, TN, EUA, on July 6-11, 2014.
The aim of the competition was to develop and demonstrate on site a prototype and an application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology within a budget of 1500 USD. The parameters under evaluation were creativity, functionality, quality and educational value of the written material.
The IT/IST team developed a portable system for identifying and managing blood bags using RFID, adequate for blood stock management. The competition gathered 22 teams from around the world.