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... Guilherme Henrique Caçador Ramos

PhD Student

Guilherme Ramos

Former IT academic position: External Author
Joining/Leaving IT dates: 01-01-2014 / 01-12-2018
Roles held in IT: PhD Student
Former IT thematic line: Networks and Services
Group: Security and Quantum Information - Lx

Scientific Achievements

  • Métodos formais para verificação de protocolos criptográficos
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  • G. Ramos, C. Caleiro, Symbolic Probabilistic Analysis of Side-Channel Information, Sessão Especial/Temática “Criptografia e Tópicos Relacionados” no “Encontro Nacional da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática, Barreiro, Portugal, Vol. n.a., pp. n.a. - n.a., July, 2016,
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