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... Catarina Alexandra Correia da Silva

PhD Student

Catarina Silva

Academic position: PhD Student
Joining date: 01-09-2020
Roles in IT: PhD Student
Thematic Line: Networks and Services
Group: Telecommunications and Networking – Av

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Address: IT – Aveiro
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Campus Universitário de Santiago
Tel: +351 234 377 900
Fax: +351 234 377 901

Scientific Achievements

Currently running projects1

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
RIGOUROUS Secure Design and Deployment of Trustworthy Continuum Computing 6G Services EU 01-01-2023 31-12-2026

Closed Projects1

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
CASSIOPEIA Contextually-Appropriate Selective Sharing IoT Open-standard Permissioning Architectures EU/H2020 01-11-2020 30-04-2021