Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Coordinator: Luis Miguel Pinho de Almeida
Thematic Line:Networks and Services
Group:Networked Systems – Po


IT Branch – Porto
Rua Dr Roberto Frias
Tel: 220413243

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The Distributed and Real-Time Embedded Systems DaRTES lab develops research on the design and analysis of distributed embedded systems, particularly those subject to real-time constraints. The lab focuses on communications and middleware for:
On-line reconfiguration and dynamic Quality-of-Service adaptation (e.g. the Flexible Time-Triggered paradigm)
Mobile cooperating objects or Cyber-Physical Systems a (e.g. the Real-Time Data Base and the Reconfigurable and Adaptive TDMA protocols).
The lab has a large network of international contacts in the real-time, industrial communications and robotics research communities and has participated actively in multiple funded research projects, both european, bilateral and national