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Participation in Projects

Running Projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
5GAINer 5GAINER - 5G+AI Networks Reliability Center Huawei Technologies Portugal 06-10-2020 4 year(s)
6G-MUSICAL 6G MUltiband Wireless and Optical Signalling for Integrated CommunicAtions, Sensing and Localization (6G-MUSICAL) EU 01-01-2024 3 year(s)
6G-PATH 6G-PATH: 6G Pilots and TriAls THrough Europe EU/Horizon Europe 01-01-2024 3 year(s)
6G-XR 6G eXperimental Research infrastructure to enable next-generation XR services EU/Horizon Europe 01-01-2023 3 year(s)
ALERT-PFAS Estratégia transnacional para detectar e prevenir a poluição por PFAS Interreg Sudoe 01-01-2024 3 year(s)
AM-OPTICAL Additive Manufacturing for the next generation of freeform optical components FCT 01-01-2022 3 year(s)
AstroneuroCircuit Bioelectronic devices to measure astrocyte-neuron communication FCT 01-02-2023 2 year(s)
BATS Intelligent and Sustainable Aerial-Terrestrial IoT Networks FCT 01-01-2022 3 year(s)
CONNECT5 DIH - CONNECT5 Next generation EU - Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR) - Componente 16 “Empresas 4.0” - TD-C16-i03 “Catalisação da Transformação Digital das Empresas” 01-10-2022 3 year(s)
DAIS DAIS EC 01-05-2021 3 year(s)
DiaPRO CVD Diamond films with improved PROperties AFRL 15-10-2022 2 year(s)
Dior Deep Intelligent Optical and Radio Communication Networks EC 01-12-2021 4 year(s)
DISCRETION Disruptive SDN secure communications for European Defence EU 01-11-2021 4 year(s)
EWOC Enabling Virtualized Wireless and Optical Coexistence for 5G and Beyond 01-09-2022 4 year(s)
EXIGENCE Devise & explore a novel approach for energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction of ICT services in the era of next-generation mobile telecommunications (6G) Horizon Europe 01-01-2024 3 year(s)
FOPE-ComSens Helically Twisted Polymer Optical Fibres for High Capacity Short Range Communications and Wearable Flexible Smart Sensors FCT 29-03-2021 3 year(s)
GAIME Gamification of Agrotourism Industry to Maximize Efficiency Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas, I.P. 01-01-2023 3 year(s)
Gestão CTI_IT Centro de Tecnologia e Interface IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações Next generation EU - Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR) - Componente 16 “Empresas 4.0” - TD-C16-i03 “Catalisação da Transformação Digital das Empresas” 01-01-2023 3 year(s)
Joint-Lab Huawei-IT-Aveiro Joint-Lab Research Program Agreement Huawei Technologies Sweden 01-09-2020 9 year(s)
MATRIS MAchine learning-driven Terahertz-enabled Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-based 6G networks FCT/PTDC 12-03-2023 2 year(s)
MH-SDVanet Multihomed Software Defined Vehicular Networks FCT 01-03-2021 4 year(s)
MODAS Monitorização dos Oceanos com Sensores Acústicos Distribuídos FCT 01-03-2023 3 year(s)
Myriarch Framework for a Multi-Architecture Internet FCT 01-03-2023 3 year(s)
Nato PHYSEC NATO 20-11-2020 4 year(s)
NEWFOCUS European network on future generation optical wireless communication technologies EU/COST 08-09-2020 4 year(s)
NewSpacePortugal New Space Portugal IAPMEI 01-10-2021 5 year(s)
NGM A NextGen Mobility: Next generation of connected mobility and infrastructures IAPMEI 01-12-2022 3 year(s)
OptWire Next-Generation Optical Wireless Communications Enabled by Artificial Intelligence FCT 01-12-2021 3 year(s)
ORCIP Optical Radio Convergence Infrastructure for Communications and Power Delivering PO Centro 01-05-2017 13 year(s)
OWIN6G Optical and wireless sensors networks for 6G scenarios (OWIN6G) EU/Horizon Europe 01-09-2023 4 year(s)
PHEASANT Sondas neuronais fotónicas integradas para computação neuromórfica FCT/ CMU 01-11-2023 1 year(s)
PHOAM Photonic Assisted Multibeam Phased Array Antenna ESA 01-04-2022 3 year(s)
POWER SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 182851 - POWER - Empowering a Digital Future P2020 01-06-2021 4 year(s)
PTCentroDiH PTCentroDiH - Digital Innovation Hub da Região Centro Next generation EU - Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR) - Componente 16 “Empresas 4.0” - TD-C16-i03 “Catalisação da Transformação Digital das Empresas” 02-11-2022 3 year(s)
PTQCI Portuguese Quantum Communications Infrastructure - PTQCI EU 01-01-2023 3 year(s)
QSCAN Quantum-Enabled Secure Multiparty Computation for Space Surveillance Tracking NATO 01-03-2024 3 year(s)
QSNP Quantum Secure Networks Partnership EU 01-03-2023 4 year(s)
QuantaGenomics Quantum Enabled Secure Multiparty Computation for Genomic Medicine EU / FCT / Programme ERA-NET Cofund QuantERA II 01-05-2022 3 year(s)
QuantPrivNet Quantum-Enabled Security and Privacy in Future Optical Communication Networks FCT 01-01-2019 7 year(s)
RIGOUROUS Secure Design and Deployment of Trustworthy Continuum Computing 6G Services EU 01-01-2023 4 year(s)
ROBUST ROBUST EU/Horizon Europe 01-01-2023 4 year(s)
Route25 Route 25: Agenda for Autonomous, Intelligent, Interoperable and Inclusive Mobility IAPMEI 01-10-2022 3 year(s)
R-PODID R-PODID EU/Horizon Europe 01-09-2023 3 year(s)
Tech2CONNECT Tech2CONNECT ESA 01-02-2024 1 year(s)

Closed projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
IPSphere Model Deutsche Telekom 01-03-2008 1 year(s)
Distribuição Context Aware de Conteúdos em Redes Sociais PT Inovação 01-05-2010 1 year(s)
Apollo PT Inovação 01-04-2011 2 year(s)
(NeCiRA) New Challenges in Raman amplification FCT/GRICES 01-11-2010 3 year(s)
4MORE 4G Multiple Antenna System On Chip for Radio Enhancements EU 01-01-2004 3 year(s)
4WARD 4WARD EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
5G SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 024539 - Componentes e serviços para redes 5G P2020 01-01-2018 4 year(s)
5G-AHEAD Towards 5G: A High-speed Energy-efficient Autonomously Deployed mobile small-cell network FCT 01-01-2017 5 year(s)
5GASP 5GASP EU/H2020 01-01-2021 3 year(s)
5G-BMW 5G- Broadband MillimeterWave Communication FCT 01-07-2017 5 year(s)
5GCONTACT CONText-Aware Communications opTimization FCT 04-10-2018 3 year(s)
5GENESIS 5th Generation End-to-end Network, Experimentation, System Integration, and Showcasing EC 01-07-2018 4 year(s)
5GinFire Evolving FIRE into a 5G-Oriented Experimental Playground for Vertical industries EU/H2020 01-01-2017 3 year(s)
5G-MOBIX 5G for cooperative & connected automated MOBIility on X-border corridors EU/H2020 16-10-2018 6 year(s)
5G-PERFECTA SI I&DT Copromoção - Projeto de I&D à Escala Europeia Nr. 038190 - 5G-PERFECTA - 5G e próxima geração Desempenho móvel garantia de testes de conformidade P2020 01-11-2018 3 year(s)
5Growth 5G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries EU/H2020 01-06-2019 3 year(s)
5GWAR Novel 5G Millimetre-Wave Array Antennas for FutuRe Mobile Handset Applications FCT 01-01-2019 3 year(s)
ACCELERATE AutomatiC statistiCal bEhavioraL macromodEls geneRation process and extrAction meThodologies on FDSOI tEchnologies FCT 01-01-2019 3 year(s)
ACCUS ACCUS FCT/JU 01-06-2013 3 year(s)
AdaptDig Adaptive Digital Compensation in Access and Transport Optical Networks PT Inovação 01-01-2011 2 year(s)
ADCOD Advanced Code and Receiver Designs for Transmission over Selective Radio Channels FCT/PTDC 01-03-2010 3 year(s)
ADIN Advanced PHY/MAC Design for Infrastructure-less Networks FCT/PTDC 01-07-2013 3 year(s)
AdvMH Advanced Features for Multi-Haul Optical Transmission Systems Idea! Eletronic Systems 29-11-2018 2 year(s)
advMH-2020 Advanced Features for Multi-Haul Optical Transmission Systems Idea! Eletronic Systems 01-01-2020 1 year(s)
AENEAS Advanced European Network of E-infrastructures for Astronomy with the SKA EU/H2020 01-01-2017 3 year(s)
AFARCLOUD AFARCLOUD EU/H2020 01-09-2018 4 year(s)
AGILE AGILE FCT/PTDC 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
Agora-5G AGora-5G (confidential) 01-05-2018 2 year(s)
AI-BEAM Intelligent Beamforming Metasurfaces for Future Telecommunications FCT/CMU 01-10-2020 2 year(s)
Akogrimo Access to Knowledge through the Grid in a mobile World EU/FP6 01-07-2004 4 year(s)
AME Advanced Microelectronics Engineering ICEP 01-10-2002 2 year(s)
ANION Optical Sensors and Nanomaterials for Anion Recognition FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 4 year(s)
APIC Analog Predistorter in Integrated Circuit IT 01-07-2016 2 year(s)
Apollo Apollo QREN 01-10-2011 3 year(s)
AQA Global Monitoring Based on Smart Sensors for Environment Quality FCT/PNAT 01-03-2001 4 year(s)
AQUATICsens AQUATICsens - wAter QUAlity assessment using Fibre OpTICs SENSors FCT/POCI 01-06-2018 4 year(s)
ARoundVision All aRound panoramic Vision for smart and secure environments FCT/POCI, PO Centro 19-06-2018 4 year(s)
ARPA Techniques and Algorithms for Raman Multi-Pump Allocation FCT/POSC 01-06-2005 3 year(s)
ASAPE Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Propagation Experimenters ESA-ESTEC 01-01-2016 4 year(s)
ASPIRE Advanced Sensors and lightweight Programmable middleware for Innovative Rfid Enterprise applications EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
AtlantisBPnet AtlantisBPnet - Observatory of Information Society in the Atlantique Space INTERREG III-B 01-01-2005 3 year(s)
ATLAS All-optical Terabit per second Lambda-Shifted transmission EU 01-01-2000 3 year(s)
Augmanity SI I&DT Empresarial (Programas Mobilizadores) Nr. 046103 - Augmented Humanity P2020 01-07-2020 3 year(s)
AVEIRO STEAM City AVEIRO STEAM City EU/H2020 01-11-2018 4 year(s)
BEACON ScalaBle & Low-Power Microwave Photonics for FlexiblE, TerAbit Telecom Payloads & High-speed Coherent Inter-satellite LiNks EU/FP7 01-02-2014 4 year(s)
BENEFIC Best ENergy EFficiency solutions for heterogeneous multI-core Communicating systems QREN 01-01-2014 2 year(s)
BIOCANT Cell illumination platform BIOCANT 01-12-2013 1 year(s)
BioPlus Development of diamond-optical fiber biosensors for detection of IgE IT 01-06-2020 4 year(s)
BlackHolePT Black holes, holography and phase transitions FCT 07-09-2020 3 year(s)
BM2M Ferramentas Business Analytics para M2M PT Inovação 01-05-2013 1 year(s)
BONE BONE EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
Bots PTDC/EEA-TEL/101880/2008 - Design and Implementation of a BotNet Detection System FCT/PTDC 01-03-2010 3 year(s)
BP-LX BioPlus-Lx IT/LA 01-07-2020 2 year(s)
BRAGG Estabilizacao de Redes de Bragg para Aplicacoes Avancadas FCT/CAPES 01-01-2011 3 year(s)
BRISA Breaking waves Interaction with SAnd transport FCT/PTDC 01-01-2009 3 year(s)
BST Bluetooth Sensing Technology IT/LA 01-05-2011 3 year(s)
C2POWER Cognitive radio and Cooperative strategies for POWER saving in multi-standard wireless devices EU/FP7 01-01-2010 4 year(s)
CaaS CaaS ABBAN, S.A. 01-01-2010 2 year(s)
CAC-EPC Controlo de Admissão e Reserva de Recursos em Ambientes 4G EPC/LTE PT Inovação 01-05-2012 1 year(s)
CAC-PCRF CAC-EPC: Controlo de Admissão e Reserva de Recursos em Ambientes 4G EPC/LTE PT Inovação 01-05-2012 1 year(s)
CADWIN Cooperative and Antenna Diversity for Broadband Wireless Networks FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
CAMYM Context-Aware Mobility in Wireless Mesh networks EU/FP7 01-09-2008 1 year(s)
CARCODE Platform for Smart Car to Car Content Delivery QREN 01-07-2013 2 year(s)
CASSIOPEIA Contextually-Appropriate Selective Sharing IoT Open-standard Permissioning Architectures EU/H2020 01-11-2020 1 year(s)
C-CAST Context Casting EU/FP7 01-02-2008 3 year(s)
C-COPRA Coupled-core parametric amplifiers Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the UK 01-07-2022 1 year(s)
CelCop Multicell Cooperation for Future Wireless Systems IT/LA 01-06-2011 3 year(s)
CICLORIA CICLORIA 01-09-2012 1 year(s)
CITO CITO IT/LA 01-03-2011 4 year(s)
CityCatalyst SI I&DT Empresarial (Programas Mobilizadores) Nr. 046119 - Catalisador para cidades sustentáveis P2020 01-07-2020 3 year(s)
CityIoTC City IoT in the Cloud PT Inovação 01-10-2017 1 year(s)
CityIoTC II CityIoTC – City IoT in the Cloud- II PT Inovação 01-12-2018 1 year(s)
CloudAnchor CloudAnchor ADI 01-01-2012 3 year(s)
C-Mobile Advanced MBMS for the future mobile world EU/FP6 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
CODELANCE CODELANCE EC/FP7 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
COGEU COgnitive radio systems for efficient sharing of TV white spaces in EUropean context EU/FP7 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
COHERENT Coding and Communications over Heterogeneous Technologies IT/LA 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
COHERENTINUOUS Coherent detection and advanced digital signal processing techniques for broadband and quantum secure optical communication systems FCT, IT/LA 01-01-2018 6 year(s)
CoLTeMEPAI Compensation of Long Term Memory Effects in Power Amplifier Intermodulation Distortion FCT/POSC 01-03-2005 3 year(s)
Compress COMPRESS - All optical data compression FCT/PTDC 01-05-2016 3 year(s)
COMSOLVE Project: SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 047019 - COMSOLVE .: COMunidade de energia SOLar com integração de Veículos Elétricos P2020 15-06-2021 3 year(s)
CONDENSA IPv4/IPv6-Compliant Optical Burst Switching Network Design with Enhanced Signaling Architectures FCT/POSC 01-01-2005 3 year(s)
CONLUZ Steering of light in nonlinear waveguides with resonant interactions FCT/PTDC 01-01-2011 3 year(s)
CONPAC CONtention free all-optical PACket switch (CONPAC) FCT/POSC 15-06-2005 3 year(s)
CONTACT Components and techniques for high capacity optical communications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2011 2 year(s)
ConvOCO Wavelength Optical Conversion ADI 01-10-2003 2 year(s)
CONVOCO Optical Wavelength CONVersiOn Siemens Networks SA 01-03-2004 3 year(s)
COPWIN Coordinated MultiPoint Strategies for Future Wireless Networks FCT/PTDC 01-07-2013 3 year(s)
COST 279 Analysis and Design of Advanced Multiservice Networks supporting Mobility, Multimedia and Internetworking EU/COST 01-07-2001 4 year(s)
COST 284 Innovative Antennas for Emerging Terrestrial and Space-Based Applications EU/COST 21-02-2002 5 year(s)
COST 291 Towards digital optical communications EU/COST 01-10-2004 6 year(s)
COST IC0902 Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks EU/COST 01-12-2009 5 year(s)
COST IC1301 COST-IC1301 WIPE EU/COST 01-10-2013 5 year(s)
COST-902 Cognitive radio Systems EU/COST 01-12-2009 4 year(s)
CoViS PROJETOS DE I&DT EMPRESAS EM COPROMOÇÃO: COVID-19 Nr. 070090 - Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring in Nursing Homes using a Multimodal Approach P2020 15-10-2020 2 year(s)
CREW Cognitive Radio Experimentation World EC/FP7 01-02-2013 1 year(s)
CROSSNET Cross-Layer Design and Network Planning for B3G Systems FCT/POSC 01-05-2005 3 year(s)
CROWN Co-operative Radio over Fibre for Wireless Networks FCT/PTDC 01-03-2011 3 year(s)
CRS-i Cognitive Radio Standardization-initiative: from FP7 research to global standards EC/FP7 01-11-2012 3 year(s)
CRT Control of Transient Response of Fiber Raman Amplifiers PT Inovação 01-03-2008 2 year(s)
CRUISE Plataforma de Comunicação Veículo-Infraestrutura para Integração de Impactes de Tráfego FCT/POCI 01-06-2016 3 year(s)
CSB Cloud Service Broker PT Inovação 01-01-2012 2 year(s)
CV-Quantum Improving Security and Capacity Using Continuous Variables Quantum Communications IT/LA 01-02-2014 3 year(s)
CYBERAL CYBERAL - Broadband in Rural Zones INTERREG III-B 01-01-2002 4 year(s)
DAAA RADIO-DRONE - Drone Active Antenna Array (DAAA) 01-04-2014 1 year(s)
Daidalos Designing Advanced Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent Optimised personal Services EU 01-11-2003 3 year(s)
Daidalos II Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services - II EU 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
DARTEG Deteção de Ataques de Redirecionamento de Tráfego a uma Escala Global FCT/PTDC 01-05-2016 3 year(s)
D-EoL-TA SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 049698 - D-EoL-TA: Digitalisation of end-of-line distributed testers for antennas P2020 01-03-2021 3 year(s)
DETAINER Núcleo de I&D em Copromoção Nr. 037204 - DETAINER: Deterministic Capture of Communication Channels – Technology Research & Development P2020 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
DEVNF DEVNF - Um ecossistema para funções virtualizadas de rede FCT/CAPES 01-03-2015 3 year(s)
DigCORE Digital Compensation of Inter Crosstalk in Multicore Fibers IT/LA 01-05-2020 3 year(s)
Digital_PAs Digital_PAs - Digital RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Applications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2009 4 year(s)
DIMIP DIMIP (DIMensionamento de redes de acesso IPng) PT Inovação 01-04-2000 1 year(s)
DiNEq Digital Nonlinear Equalization in Very-High Speed Coherent Optical Transmission Systems FCT/PTDC 01-07-2013 2 year(s)
DIPPAL Digital Predistortion for Power Amplifier Linearization IT/LA 01-01-2009 2 year(s)
DiRecTRadio All-Digital Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Transmitter for Cognitive Radio Systems IT/LA 01-07-2011 2 year(s)
DISMe Desenvolvimento Integrado de Soluções Multimédia PT Inovação 01-01-2003 1 year(s)
DMeSTrES Distributed Measurement System with Traffic Engineering Support IT/LA 01-06-2005 2 year(s)
DOPPLER Development of PALOP Knowledge in Radio Astronomy FCT, Aga Khan Development Network 28-08-2018 2 year(s)
DOPTNET Highly Dispersive Pulses in Dense WDM Optical Network FCT/POSI 01-04-2002 3 year(s)
DRIVE-IN Distributed Routing and Infotainment through VEhicular Inter-Networking FCT/CMU 01-06-2009 4 year(s)
DROM-TELESAL Dimensioning of Multi-Layer Optical Networks ADI 01-03-2007 2 year(s)
DSPMetroNet DSP Functions for Simplified Coherent Transceivers in Optical Metropolitan Networks FCT/POCI 01-07-2018 4 year(s)
DVR Digital Video Recorder ADI 01-01-2005 2 year(s)
E2SG Energy to Smart Grid FCT 01-04-2012 3 year(s)
EBGCOM Electromagnetic bandgap antennas and components for broadband communications FCT/POSC 01-09-2005 3 year(s)
E-COOP Energy-efficient High-Speed Cost-effective COOPerative backhaul for LTE/LTE-A Small cells IT/LA 01-09-2014 2 year(s)
EECCO Energy EffiCient Current-mode techniques for free-space Optical front-end receivers FCT/PTDC 01-06-2008 3 year(s)
E-Health4workplace Plataforma e-Health para otimização de condições no local de trabalho (confidential) 01-04-2020 1 year(s)
ELVIS Inspection Table for photovoltaic modules QREN 01-12-2011 2 year(s)
EMM Emergency Mobile Mesh (EMM) QREN 01-01-2013 1 year(s)
ENGAGE SKA ENAbling Green E-science for SKA - Capacitation and Sustainability of Portuguese participation in the SKA with radioastronomy as an Innovation Open Living Lab FCT/POCI, P2020 01-05-2017 3 year(s)
E-Photon I Optical Networks: Towards Bandwidth Manageability and Cost efficiency EU/FP6 01-03-2004 2 year(s)
e-Photon ONe + e-Photon/ONe + – Optical Networks:Towards Bandwidth Manageability and Cost Efficiency EU 01-03-2006 2 year(s)
ESPREX Earth Satellite Propagation Experiment at Ka Band FCT/POSI 15-10-2000 3 year(s)
ESTIP ESTudo, desenvolvimento e experimentação de soluções inovadoras em redes IP PT Inovação 01-01-2005 1 year(s)
ESTIP (II) ESTudo, desenvolvimento e experimentação de soluções inovadoras em redes IP (II) PT Inovação 01-07-2005 1 year(s)
ESTIP (III) ESTudo, desenvolvimento e experimentação de soluções inovadoras em redes IP (III) PT Inovação 01-01-2006 1 year(s)
ESTIP V ESTudo, desenvolvimento e experimentação de soluções inovadoras em redes IP (V) PT Inovação 01-01-2007 1 year(s)
ETOBLU Terminal Optical Equipments for Single Side Band ADI 01-09-2003 2 year(s)
ETOBLU Terminal Equipments for Optical Single Side Band Transmission Siemens Networks SA 01-10-2004 3 year(s)
EUIMWP European Network for High Performance Integrated Microwave Photonics EU/COST 01-10-2017 4 year(s)
EURO-FOS EURO-FOS EU/FP7 01-05-2008 3 year(s)
Euro-NGI Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet, Towards Convergent Multi-Service Networks EU/FP6 01-12-2003 3 year(s)
EV4Energy SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 046995 - EV4Energy: THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE IN THE CENTRE OF THE ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM P2020 01-07-2020 3 year(s)
EXPLOR EXperimentation and simulation based PLatform for beyond 5G Optical-wireless network Research and development EU 01-01-2020 4 year(s)
EyeInTheSky Utilização de Balões de Alta-Altitude para Apoio à Decisão em Operações de Combate a Incêndios Rurais FCT 01-01-2020 3 year(s)
Fed4FIRE+ Fed4FIRE+: Aveiro Tech City Living Lab EU 15-03-2022 2 year(s)
FEFOF Fuse effect on optical fibers FCT/PTDC 01-11-2007 3 year(s)
FERA FERA (Ferramentas de dimensionamento Em Redes de acesso ATM) PT Inovação 01-03-1999 2 year(s)
FERROVIA 4.0 SI I&DT Empresarial (Programas Mobilizadores) Nr. 046111 - FERROVIA 4.0 P2020 01-07-2020 3 year(s)
FindIt FindIt ADI 08-11-2002 3 year(s)
fiQare fiQare (confidential) 01-10-2020 2 year(s)
FireTec Forest Fire Detection and Alarming Using Existing Telecommunications Infrastructure IT 01-09-2020 3 year(s)
FI-WI FIbre-WIreless Access: Future Integrated Access Architecture Based on Optical and Broadband Wireless Technologies ESF 01-09-2008 1 year(s)
FreeCom-B5G Ultra-high-capacity free-space optical communications for beyond 5G IT 01-01-2020 3 year(s)
FRIENDS Fleet of dRones for radIological inspEction, commuNication anD reScue FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
FUTEBOL FUTEBOL EU/H2020 01-03-2016 3 year(s)
FUTON Fibre Optic Networks for Distributed, Extendible Heterogeneous Radio Architectures and Service Provisioning EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
FUTON Fibre Optic Networks for Distributed, Extendible Heterogeneous Radio Architectures and Service Provisioning EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
FutPON SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 003145 - Future Passive Optical Networks P2020 01-06-2015 2 year(s)
GAMACHIP SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 033688 - GAMACHIP Plataforma SDR integrada e multifuncional para comunicações espaciais P2020 01-06-2018 3 year(s)
GANSAT GANSAT 01-11-2013 4 year(s)
GaNSpace GaNSpace EFACEC 01-07-2008 2 year(s)
GAPOTT GAPOTT PT Inovação 01-02-2014 2 year(s)
GEM Galactic Emission Mapping FCT/POCI 01-01-2005 3 year(s)
GEM - 2 Polarimetry Instrumentation for a Galactic Survey at 2.3-10GHz FCT/PTDC 01-07-2007 4 year(s)
GEN-CAN Generic Transport in Context-Aware Networks IT/LA 01-10-2008 2 year(s)
GESACESSO GESACESSO PT Inovação 01-04-2001 1 year(s)
GMF4ITV GMF for ITV EU 01-05-2002 4 year(s)
GPON GPON-IN-A-BOX PT Inovação 01-01-2010 2 year(s)
GRASS-LIGHT SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 047096 - GRASS-LIGHT: Filamento para Relva Sintética Sustentável, Fotoluminescente e Retroiluminada P2020 01-05-2021 3 year(s)
GREENCOM GREENCOM (confidential) 01-04-2018 1 year(s)
GREENET An early stage training network in enabling technologies for GREEN radio EU/FP7 01-01-2011 4 year(s)
GREEN-T Green Terminals for Next Generation Wireless Systems QREN 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
GreenTel GreenTel PT Inovação 01-11-2010 2 year(s)
GRIP Gestão Integrada de Redes IP PT Inovação 01-01-2003 1 year(s)
GTI-CANE Generic Transport In Context-Aware NEtworks FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 3 year(s)
H2M H.264 to MPEG-2 Video Transcoder for Digital TV IT/LA 01-10-2005 3 year(s)
HAN-4G Integration of Heterogeneous Access Networks in a 4G Architecture IT/LA 01-09-2005 2 year(s)
Headway DSRC 5,9GHz BIT/BRISA 01-01-2010 1 year(s)
HEADWAY DSRC 5,9GHz BRISA 01-01-2009 1 year(s)
HEADWAY DSRC 5,9GHz BIT/BRISA 01-01-2011 2 year(s)
HeatIT SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 017942 - Heat management in Highly dense optoelectronic circuitry P2020 01-04-2017 4 year(s)
HETCOP Joint Cooperative and Cognitive Strategies for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems IT/LA 01-04-2014 3 year(s)
Hi-Fixx2 Hi-Fixx2 Infineon Technologies 01-01-2005 1 year(s)
HiPOF Paving the way for high capacity POF based communication systems FCT/PTDC 01-01-2016 3 year(s)
HLPA2MIMO Highly Linear Power Amplifier for Massive MIMO Ampleon 01-07-2016 4 year(s)
Huawei-DSP Digital Signal Processing for Digital Subcarrier Multiplexing Huawei Technologies France 21-04-2021 2 year(s)
HURRICANE Handovers for ubiquitous and optimal broadband connectivity EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
HYDRA-ROF Hybrid Dynamic Radio Access supported by Radio over Fiber IT/LA 01-02-2014 3 year(s)
I2ACAS In-service Inspection for Advanced Composite Aerospace Structures FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
IC1101 COST IC1101 - Optical Wireless Communications - An Emerging Technology EU/COST 01-10-2011 6 year(s)
ICSI Intelligent Cooperative Sensing for Improved traffic efficiency EC/FP7 01-11-2012 4 year(s)
IDEA-2020 Spec & Modeling for 400G+/800G+ Optical Systems – Phase 3 Idea! Eletronic Systems 01-07-2020 1 year(s)
IDEA-2021 Spec & Modeling for 400G+/800G+ Optical Systems – Phase 4 Idea! Eletronic Systems 01-04-2021 1 year(s)
IDTS SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 003522 - IDTS Infotainment Distributed TestSystem P2020 01-10-2015 3 year(s)
IEoT Projetos de I&D Industrial à Escala Europeia Nr. 069537 - Intelligent Edge of Things P2020 01-01-2021 3 year(s)
iFive Extended Dynamic Spectrum Access for 5G Radio FCT 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
I-Garment I - GARMENT - Integrated System for Management of Civil Protection Units ESA-ESTEC 01-01-2004 2 year(s)
ILENA Integration of Lenses and Planar Antennas FCT/POSI 01-10-2000 4 year(s)
IM3W Integração e Mobilidade em Redes 3GPP/Wi-Fi 01-12-2014 1 year(s)
IMMINENCE Projetos de I&D Industrial à Escala Europeia Nr. 112314 - IMMINENCE: Intelligent Management of next generation MobIle NEtworks aNd serviCEs P2020 01-06-2021 3 year(s)
IMPCLOCK Implementation of feedback-based clock distribution systems FCT/POCTI 01-07-2004 2 year(s)
In@Bus In@Bus PT Inovação 01-10-2001 2 year(s)
Incentivo/EEI/LA0008/2013 Incentivo 2013 FCT 01-01-2013 1 year(s)
Incentivo/EEI/LA0008/2014 Incentivo 2014 FCT 01-01-2014 2 year(s)
INFANTE SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 024534 - INFANTE Satélite para aplicações marítimas e comunicações a partir de constelações P2020 01-11-2017 4 year(s)
InfoCent-IoT Efficient information centric networks for IoT infrastructures FCT/POCI 10-08-2018 4 year(s)
InfoMob Information Mobility in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks ESF 01-09-2008 1 year(s)
INITIATE INnovatIve graTings In plAstic opTical fibEr FCT 01-05-2015 5 year(s)
INSHORE Integrated System for High Operational Resolution in Shore Monitoring FCT/PTDC 01-01-2008 4 year(s)
Interference Interference of C-ITS 5.9GHz in DSRC 5.8GHz Systems 01-03-2016 0 year(s)
Investigação em áreas de dimensionamento de redes de telecomunicações e atribuição de recursos para BroadbandLoop (projecto Europeu AC0038 do programa ACTS) e CESTA (Caracterização Estatística e Simulação de Tráfego ATM) PT Inovação 01-09-1997 2 year(s)
IP over WDM Integration Strategies for IP over WDM Networks FCT/POSC 01-10-2005 3 year(s)
IPv6 IPv4-IPv6 Transition Mechanisms PT Inovação 01-05-2000 1 year(s)
IPv6 Avançado Advanced Services on IPv4-IPv6 Networks PT Inovação 01-03-2002 1 year(s)
IREEDER IREEDER EC 01-11-2019 3 year(s)
ISIS InfraStructures for broadband access in wireless/photonics and Integration of Strengths in Europe EU 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
JISIS Diamond-based surface acoustic wave devices: a reverse fabrication design FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 4 year(s)
LandMark LandMark FCT/POCI 26-07-2018 4 year(s)
LaSiBeME Large Signal Measurements for Nonlinear Behavioral Model Extraction CRUP 01-01-2007 2 year(s)
LDMOSCA Low Distortion RF MOS Circuits Advances FCT/POCTI 01-01-2001 2 year(s)
Lin5GPA Power Amplifier Linearization for 5G FCT/PTDC 01-05-2016 2 year(s)
LITES Led-based intelligent street lighting for energy saving EU/FP7 01-12-2009 3 year(s)
LoCOPON LOCO-PON(LOw COst PON) PT Inovação 01-10-2006 2 year(s)
LOCUS playfuL cOnneCted rUral territorieS - the Internet of Things in the intergenerational creative production of cultural georeferenced contents FCT 01-07-2018 3 year(s)
LOOP Coexistence and Optimization for LTE-RAN and WAN ADI/QREN 01-07-2007 3 year(s)
LOPES Person Location ADI, TELESAL 01-03-2007 2 year(s)
LOPIX LOPIX - Low Power Information Exchange QREN 01-08-2012 2 year(s)
LTE-Mob Integração de LTE nas Arquitecturas de Redes Futuras: uma Perspectiva de Mobilidade PT Inovação 01-04-2010 1 year(s)
MAGAL SI I&DT Copromoção - Parceria Internacional Nr. 045916 - Magal Constellation P2020 01-07-2020 2 year(s)
MaLPIS Machine Learning based Profiling for Internet Security FCT/PTDC 01-10-2018 3 year(s)
MASSIVE5G Multi-band Access Strategies for 5G Cooperative Networks FCT/POCI 01-06-2018 4 year(s)
MATRICE MC-CDMA Transmission Techniques for Integrated Broadband Cellular Systems EU 01-01-2002 3 year(s)
MBBS Mobile Broadband System IT/LA 01-01-2003 1 year(s)
MC-CDMA MC-CDMA FCT/POSI 01-12-2003 3 year(s)
MCTechs Multicore fibers technologies for high-capacity Optical Networks FCT/POCI 14-05-2018 4 year(s)
MC-WMNs MC-WMNs: Multiple Context-based Wireless Mesh Networks FCT/PTDC 01-03-2012 3 year(s)
MEC Mobile Edge Cloud PT Inovação 01-03-2016 1 year(s)
MEDIEVAL MultimEDia transport for mobIlE Video AppLications EU/FP7 01-07-2010 3 year(s)
MEGaN Model Extraction of GaN Transistors FCT/POCTI 01-01-2004 2 year(s)
MEKaP MEO KA Band Propagation Campaign ESA-ESTEC 01-02-2019 4 year(s)
MemoCIS COST IC1401 Memristors - Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications (MemoCiS) EU/COST 01-12-2014 5 year(s)
META-ID Spatially confined RFID detection with a metamaterial grid IT/LA 01-06-2011 2 year(s)
METRICS Programmable datacenter for IIoT applications IT 01-07-2016 2 year(s)
MIMIC-5G Mixed-Signal Multi-Domain Characterization Setup for Design and Test of 5G Systems National Instruments 01-11-2015 2 year(s)
MMSUPER Metamaterial superabsorbers for harnessing wireless power IT, FCT 01-12-2016 2 year(s)
MOBILIA Mobility concepts for IMT-Advances PO Centro 01-06-2009 3 year(s)
MOBITRUST SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 003343- MOBITRUST Secure Communications for Next-generation PPDR P2020 01-12-2015 3 year(s)
MobiWise MobiWise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising P2020 01-01-2017 5 year(s)
Moby Dick Moby Dick PT Inovação 01-01-2001 3 year(s)
MOCHA MOCHA - MOdelling and CHAracterization for SiP Signal and Power Integrity Analysis EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
MODCOMP Modeling User Behavior in Social Networks FCT/PTDC 01-07-2013 2 year(s)
ModEx Behavioral Model Extractor IT/LA 01-07-2005 2 year(s)
MOMO Multi-Overlays for Multi-hOming (MOMO) EU/FP7 01-11-2009 1 year(s)
MOORE4MEDICAL Accelerating Innovation in Microfabricated Medical Devices EC 01-06-2020 3 year(s)
MOTION Monitoring and compensaTion of Impairments in Optical Networks FCT/PTDC 01-11-2007 3 year(s)
MP0702 COST MP0702 - Towards functional sub-wavelength photonic structures EU/COST 01-01-2008 4 year(s)
MP1205 COST Advances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics EU/COST 01-10-2012 5 year(s)
MultiAP Multi-AP Wi-Fi Smart Mesh (confidential) 01-06-2018 3 year(s)
MULTIDIM Dimensioning Multi-Service and Multi-Layer Networks: Optimization Models FCT/POSI 01-01-2002 3 year(s)
Multipass Multipass PT Inovação 01-03-2010 1 year(s)
Multipass-II Multipass-II PT Inovação 01-09-2011 1 year(s)
MULTIPLEXER MUX PT Inovação 01-03-2012 1 year(s)
MuMoMgt Gestão de Mobilidade e Multicast em Redes de Acesso Heterogéneas FCT/PTDC 01-02-2009 3 year(s)
MUSCLES SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 017787 - Mobile Ubiquitous Small Cells for Low-cost Energy and Spectrum efficient cloud service delivery P2020 01-11-2016 3 year(s)
MuSILAGE Multi-sine wave generator IT/LA 01-08-2005 2 year(s)
Napis NAPIS - NAvy Positioning and Identification Systems Marinha Portuguesa 01-10-2009 3 year(s)
Navio Navy Video Marinha Portuguesa 01-09-2002 1 year(s)
NESH Development of novel sensors for hemodynamics characterization FCT/PTDC 01-05-2010 4 year(s)
NetEdge SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 069977 - NETEDGE - EDgE computing for end-users of optical Networks P2020 01-12-2020 3 year(s)
NET-OPT NET-OPT - Network Optimization Nokia Siemens Networks 01-01-2011 3 year(s)
NET-PORT NET-PORT: Soluções de Comunicações entre Veículos para Portos de Mar e Aeroportos ADI/QREN 01-09-2013 3 year(s)
NEUF LTE-Advanced Enhancements using Femtocells FCT/PTDC 01-03-2012 2 year(s)
NEWPASS Newpass QREN 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
NG-COS Next-Generation Coherent Optical Communication Systems IT/LA 01-09-2011 2 year(s)
NGPON Next Generation Passive Optical Networks ASI, Nokia Siemens Networks SA 01-04-2007 2 year(s)
NGPON2 NGPON2 ADI, PT Inovação 01-01-2013 2 year(s)
NGTVD NGTvD - Next generation Digital Tv over Fiber QREN, Televés 01-03-2010 2 year(s)
NICE-HOME Non-Invasive Fog-Cloud Enabled Home Monitoring for Elders IT 01-02-2020 2 year(s)
nodeSipher Nonlinear modeling of silicon photonics electro-optic modulators IT/LA 01-01-2017 2 year(s)
Novae Panchromatic observations of novae - from explosion to the enrichment of the interstellar medium FCT 01-01-2017 5 year(s)
OALMT Optimização de Amplificadores Linearizados em Presença de Sinais Reais Multi-Tom CRUP 01-01-2003 2 year(s)
OCaaS OCaaS PT Inovação 01-10-2013 1 year(s)
OMIMO Transmissor MIMO Otimizado para Sistemas 5G FCT 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
On light: Optical Social Network On light: Optical Social Network Ciência Viva 01-01-2013 2 year(s)
ONECI ONECI - Optimizing Next-generation Elastic Core Network Infrastructure FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 2 year(s)
OneLab2 An Open Federated Laboratory Supporting Network Research for the Future Internet EU/FP7 01-09-2008 3 year(s)
OPAMS Optimum Power Amplifiers for Modulated Signals FCT/POCTI 01-07-2002 2 year(s)
Opt5G+ High-capacity optical transmission infrastructure to support 5G communications and beyond La Caixa Foundation 01-05-2020 3 year(s)
OPTICAL 5G High-Capacity SDM Solutions for Optical Backhaul in 5G Networks and Optical Data Center Connectivity IT 01-07-2016 3 year(s)
OPTRONET OPtimized Transponders for Robust NETworks ADI, Nokia Siemens Networks SA 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
OPTRONET OPtimized Transponders for Robust Optical NETworks ADI 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
ORAL Alocação Óptima de Recursos FCT/POCI 01-07-2005 4 year(s)
OreO Organic/Inorganic hybrids for Integrated Optics FCT/POCI 01-03-2005 3 year(s)
Oreo2 Organic/Inorganic hybrids for Integrated Optics - 2 FCT/PTDC 01-12-2007 3 year(s)
OREO3 Organic-inorganic hybrids with enhanced light properties for the new generation of optical communications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
OSP-HNLF OSP-HNLF - Optical Signal Processing Using Highly Nonlinear Fibers FCT/PTDC 01-05-2010 3 year(s)
OT2Delivery Over-the-top Multimedia Content Delivery for Next Generation Mobile Networks FCT 01-04-2016 3 year(s)
P2056 Unified Standardisation Framework for Telecommunications Network Enablers Eurescom 01-01-2011 1 year(s)
P4NG P4NG Altice Labs S.A. Aveiro 01-09-2020 1 year(s)
Panorama Desenvolvimento de um Sistema de Telecomunicações sustentado em Plataformas Ópticas e de Rádio Avançadas com gestão integrada PT Inovação 01-01-2009 3 year(s)
PANORAMA Desenvolvimento de um Sistema de Telecomunicações sustentado em Plataformas Ópticas e de Rádio Avançadas com gestão integrada PT Inovação 01-01-2009 3 year(s)
PANORAMA PANORAMA - Plataforma Rádio PT Inovação 01-01-2009 3 year(s)
PANORAMA PANORAMA II - REDES QREN 01-01-2013 2 year(s)
PANORAMA II Desenvolvimento de um Sistema de Telecomunicações sustentado em Plataformas Ópticas e de Rádio Avançadas com gestão integrada PT Inovação 01-01-2013 2 year(s)
PASMO Plataforma aberta para o desenvolvimento e experimentação de soluções para a mobilidade P2020 15-05-2017 3 year(s)
PCRF-Mob PCRF Mobilidade: Mobilidade e Controlo de Recursos em Ambientes 4G e Wi-Fi PT Inovação 01-09-2013 1 year(s)
PEACE IP-Based Emergency Applications and Services for Next Generation Networks EU/FP7 01-09-2008 4 year(s)
PES3N Power-Efficient Solutions for Secure wireless Sensor Networks - PES3N FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-07-2018 4 year(s)
Pest-OE/EEI/LA0008/2011 IT Laboratório Associado FCT 01-01-2011 2 year(s)
Pest-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013 IT Laboratório Associado FCT 01-01-2013 3 year(s)
PhoTech-5G/60GHz Photonic Technologies to support 5G/60GHz WLANS IT 01-11-2016 2 year(s)
PHOTON Distributed and Extendible Heterogeneous Radio Architectures using FCT/PTDC 01-11-2007 4 year(s)
PIC Photonic Integrated Circuits for NGPON2 PT Inovação 01-05-2013 2 year(s)
PIC-ZR PIC-ZR - desenho, processamento,, empacotamento dos PIC's da série ZR (confidential) 01-11-2014 4 year(s)
PIfotoComSat Sistema de Apoio à Investigação Cientifica e Tecnológica (SAICT) Nr. 046537 - PIfotoComSat: IP portfolio on photonic technology applied to satellite communication systems P2020 22-12-2019 2 year(s)
PIfotoSatCom Portefólio de PI em tecnologia fotónica aplicada a sistemas de comunicação via satélite P2020 01-10-2016 2 year(s)
PLANE SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 039993 - PLANE - PLataforma Aviónica para NEwspace P2020 01-06-2019 3 year(s)
PLANETa Projetos de Prova de Conceito Nr. 181242 - PLANETa - Dispositivos fotónicos para geração de energia a partir da luz solar e sensor de temperatura para avaliação pós-ocupação em tempo real e baseada no utilizador em edifícios de balanço energético nulo P2020 01-06-2022 2 year(s)
plugPON SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 047221 - plugPON: PLUGgables (and not only) to upgrade and simplify 10G and beyond PONs P2020 01-03-2020 4 year(s)
PMC Personal Media Cloud PT Inovação 01-03-2012 1 year(s)
PMD Polarization Mode Dispersion in High-Speed Optical Communication Systems FCT/POSI 01-01-2004 4 year(s)
POFCOM Bragg Gratings in Plastic Optical Fibre for communications and sensing applications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2012 3 year(s)
PosDig Digital Post-Compensation of Chromatic Dispersion and Nonlinearities in Optical Communication Systems PT Inovação 01-03-2010 2 year(s)
Powerline Powerline PT Inovação 01-03-2003 1 year(s)
P-Quantum Practical Quantum Communications IT/LA 01-09-2011 2 year(s)
PREDICT oPtical fibeR sEnsors for aDvanced applICaTions FCT, IT/LA 01-01-2018 6 year(s)
PREDICT2 PRotein aggregation Detection to Indicate response to anti-Cancer Treatment P2020 01-09-2020 1 year(s)
PRIVACITIES SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 017785 - Arquitetura de Ciber-Segurança para Aplicações Crowd-Sensing Móveis Seguras, Preservando Privacidade e Fidedignas para Cidades Inteligentes P2020 01-10-2016 4 year(s)
PROENERGY-WSN Prototypes for Efficient Energy Self-sustainable Wireless Sensor Networks FCT/PTDC 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
PURE-5GNET Cooperative Multi-band Access Strategies for 5G Ultra Dense Networks IT, FCT 01-04-2016 3 year(s)
Q.DOT SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 039728 - Distributed Quantum Oblivious Transfer P2020 01-10-2019 3 year(s)
QIS6 Developments and Studies in All-IP Wideband Networks: QoS and IPv6 PT Inovação 01-01-2004 1 year(s)
QOSMOS Quality of Service for Mobile Opportunistic Systems EU/FP7 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
QSCRIPTED Quantum Secure Communication Field Experiment Gabinete Nacional de Segurança 10-05-2021 1 year(s)
QuantPrivTel QuantPrivTel: Quantum PrivateTelecommunications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 4 year(s)
QuantTel Quantum Secure Telecommunications IT/LA 01-11-2008 2 year(s)
Quantum Quantum Effects in High Speed Optical Communication Systems IT/LA 01-07-2005 3 year(s)
QuantumMining Quantum Primitives for Privacy Preserving Data Mining FCT 01-09-2018 4 year(s)
QuantumPrime Generation of Prime Numbers Enabled by Quantum Technologies for Cryptographic Applications FCT 01-02-2021 3 year(s)
QuGENOME Quantum Enabled Private Recognition of Composite Signals in Genome EU 01-12-2020 2 year(s)
QuRunner Development of a quantum random number generator network server IT 01-02-2020 3 year(s)
RadioVoip RadioVoIP ADI 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
RADNAV III TCP/IP Services over HF Transmission Systems Marinha Portuguesa 01-01-2002 1 year(s)
RADNAV IV Development of a TCP/IP Service Platform to Run over HF Transmission Systems Marinha Portuguesa 01-01-2003 1 year(s)
RADNAV V Quality of Service and Multi-Channel Utilization on TCP/IP Communications over HF Military Systems Marinha Portuguesa 01-01-2004 1 year(s)
Raman Raman Amplification for CWDM Systems PT Inovação 01-03-2005 3 year(s)
RaTON Radio Techniques over Optical access Networks IT/LA 01-09-2005 2 year(s)
REACH Rural Broadband Internet Access using Cooperative Mesh Networking in White Space Spectrum EU/FP7 01-01-2015 3 year(s)
REAct Development of optical fiber solutions for rehabilitation and e-Health applications FCT 01-01-2019 3 year(s)
RECODIS Resilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failures EU/COST 01-03-2016 4 year(s)
REMAR Redes DTN para comunicações de emergência QREN 01-01-2013 2 year(s)
RESCuE-TOOL Radio coverage for emergency communication systems to operate under critical wildfire environments TOOL FCT 31-12-2018 5 year(s)
ResNeD Resilient Network Design - enhancing availability for critical services FCT 22-06-2018 4 year(s)
RETIOT Utilização de Tecnologias de Reflectometría no melhoramento do futuro Internet das Coisas e Sistemas Ciber-Físicos P2020 09-01-2017 5 year(s)
RFID - Sticker Tags Sistemas RFID - Sticker Tags 01-01-2013 1 year(s)
RFMLI Thermal Blanket with Low RF Reflectivity HPS-Portugal, ESA 01-11-2012 3 year(s)
RFoF DSRC Fiber Optic connection to the antenna DSRC 01-01-2014 1 year(s)
RFSense Context Awareness through RF Sensing of Mobile Human Motion FCT 01-01-2020 3 year(s)
Ride2Autonomy Ride2Autonomy EU 15-04-2021 2 year(s)
RNG Redes de Nova Geração PT Inovação 01-03-2001 2 year(s)
RnMonitor Online Monitoring Infrastructure and Active Mitigation Strategies for Indoor Radon Gas in Public Buildings on the Northern Region of Portugal FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-09-2017 3 year(s)
ROFWDM Design and Optimisation of WDM Millimetre-Wave Fibre-Radio Systems FCT/PTDC 01-11-2007 4 year(s)
ROMEO Remote Collaborative Real-Time Multimedia Experience over the Future Internet EU/FP7 01-10-2011 3 year(s)
ROOSTER Rooster - Solutions to Optimize Efficiency-Linearity in High Power Multi-Band MISO Power Amplifiers Huawei Technologies Sweden 01-07-2016 2 year(s)
ROPE Ethernet Passive Optical Networks Nokia Siemens Networks 01-07-2004 4 year(s)
ROTA Advanced Optical Network Nokia Siemens Networks 01-07-2007 2 year(s)
RTMGear RealTime Monitoring Power Reduction Gearbox 01-09-2014 2 year(s)
S2MovingCity Sensing and Serving a Moving City FCT/ CMU 01-03-2016 6 year(s)
S2MUV S2MUV Altran Portugal 01-04-2016 2 year(s)
SAFE-HOME Projetos de I&D Industrial à Escala Europeia Nr. 072082 - Security-Aware Fog-based Efficient Home Monitoring for Elders P2020 01-04-2021 3 year(s)
SALUS SALUS EC/FP7 01-09-2013 3 year(s)
SAMURAI Multimedia Services and Applications in Hospital, University and Urban Environments FEDER, PRAI 01-12-2002 2 year(s)
SARDANA Scalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture (SARDANA) EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
SBikee Smart Bikeemotion ADI, SII&DT 01-09-2013 2 year(s)
SCALE Statistical Characterization of Telecommunications Traffic FCT/POSI 01-01-2001 1 year(s)
SCALE SI I&DT - Projetos em Copromoção Nr. 047210 - Scalable Centralized Grid Protection, Automation and Control P2020 01-01-2021 3 year(s)
SCALE II Trafic Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Multiservice Networks FCT/POSI 01-02-2002 3 year(s)
SCALE III Internet Traffic Measurements, Modelling and Statistical Analysis FCT/POSC 01-01-2005 2 year(s)
SCoT Smart Cloud of Things IP Beja 01-01-2015 1 year(s)
SDMTechs Optical Technologies for Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) FCT, IT/LA 01-01-2018 3 year(s)
SDN SDN: Gestão de recursos para Soft Defined Networks (SDNs) PT Inovação 01-04-2013 1 year(s)
SDRT SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 070192 - SDRT Health - Software Defined Real-Time Health P2020 04-04-2021 3 year(s)
SearchCol SearchCol: Meta-heuristic Search by Column generation FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 4 year(s)
SECRET Secure Network Coding for Reduced Energy Next Generation Mobile Small Cells EC 01-01-2017 4 year(s)
SELF Descoberta e decisão automática de recursos PT Inovação 01-04-2011 1 year(s)
SeLF-ICN Selectively Accessing Light Field Faces over Information Centric Networking IT 01-07-2016 2 year(s)
SEMI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 EC, 299375 01-05-2016 3 year(s)
SenseBusNet Sensing data and Delay-Tolerant Delivery over Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks IT/LA 01-05-2014 3 year(s)
Serv-CPS Serv-CPS: Server-based Real-Time Ethernet Communication Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems FCT/PTDC 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
SGF Sistema de Gestão de Frotas PT Inovação 01-12-2009 1 year(s)
SheepIT SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 017640 - SheepIT: SISTEMA DE CONTROLO DE PASTAGEM BASEADO EM TECNOLOGIAS IT P2020 01-10-2016 3 year(s)
ShopAnalytics ShopAnalytics: Sistema de Rastreamento e Analytics de Consumidores em Espaços Comerciais Indoor Norte2020 - Programa Operacional Regional do Norte 01-04-2016 3 year(s)
SHOTS Super High-capacity Optical Transmission Systems FCT/POSC 01-04-2005 3 year(s)
SHOWNet Soft HandOver for Wi-fi networks IT/LA 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
SITE SITE - Interactive System for the Inovation and Technological Transfer FEDER, PRAI 12-07-2002 3 year(s)
SMART Remote Structure Health Monitoring JustBit 01-11-2007 4 year(s)
Smart EnterCom Núcleo de I&D em Copromoção Nr. 021949 - SmartEnterCom - Comunicações Empresariais Inteligentes P2020 01-01-2017 3 year(s)
SmartCityMules SmartCityMules - Mobile Data Collection and Dissemination Through Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks FCT/PTDC 01-04-2016 3 year(s)
SMARTGLOW SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 069733 - Smart Green Energy for Low Frequency Aperture Arrays P2020 01-04-2021 3 year(s)
SmartParking Projeto Conceção e Desenvolvimento de Sistema de Controlo de Estacionamento Inteligente QREN 01-07-2014 1 year(s)
SNOB-5G MIT-PT SNOB-5G: Scalable Network Backhauling for 5G P2020 01-02-2020 4 year(s)
SOFTLI Software defined LIDAR Bosch 01-12-2018 4 year(s)
SoftTransceiver Software Defined Transceiver for Flexible Optical Networks IT 01-04-2016 3 year(s)
SOLARFLEX concentradores solares luminescentes (LSCs) cilíndricos com elevado fator de concentração FCT 01-06-2019 2 year(s)
SooS Service-oriented Operating Systems EU/FP7 01-02-2010 3 year(s)
SOPAS Self-Oscillating Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers FCT/PTDC 01-02-2011 3 year(s)
SPEED-5G SPEED-5G EU/H2020 01-07-2015 3 year(s)
SPIDER Sensor Platform & network for Indoor Deployment and Exterior-based Radiofrequency awareness EU/H2020 01-11-2016 1 year(s)
SPT Super-Planckian Thermonics IT, FCT 01-04-2017 2 year(s)
SST 2020 Space Surveillance and Tracking 2020 EU/H2020, Ministério da Defesa 26-05-2020 4 year(s)
STEROID SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 069989 - STEROID: Plataforma de Verificação e Validação de Componentes de Suporte à Condução Autónoma para Veículos Inteligentes do Futuro P2020 31-12-2020 3 year(s)
STRx SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 033623 - STRx - Sistema de transmissão e receção de sinal de orientação eletrónica para a próxima geração de constelações de satélites P2020 01-05-2019 4 year(s)
SUPERHARD IC SUPERHARD IC - Silicon Carbide Used in Potentially disruptive Emerging RadiationHARDened Instrument Components Swedish National Space Board 01-01-2017 4 year(s)
SuperMEC SuperMEC Altran Portugal 01-02-2019 2 year(s)
SUPRESSOR All Optical Side band SUPRESSOR based on SOA’s to operate at 40GBit/s Siemens SA 01-07-2005 2 year(s)
Sureté Security in TCP/IP Networks PT Inovação 01-06-2002 1 year(s)
sWAT Next generation Smart Water Grids IT/LA 01-07-2014 3 year(s)
SWIFT Secure Widespread Identities for Federated Telecommunications EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
SWING2 Securing Wireless Networks with Coding and Jamming FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-05-2016 3 year(s)
SWIPA Switching Mode Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications IT/LA 01-11-2008 2 year(s)
TACCS TACCS - Cognitive Radios Adaptable Wireless Transceivers FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
TAIQoM Advanced IP Services: QoS and Mobility PT Inovação 01-04-2001 1 year(s)
TARGET Top Amplifier Research Group in an European Team EU 01-01-2004 3 year(s)
TeamUp5G New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks EU/H2020 28-12-2018 5 year(s)
Teclar Alternative techniques for Raman amplification FCT/POCI 01-10-2005 2 year(s)
TELEMAT Traffic Engineering for DiffServ/MPLS Networks PT Inovação 01-04-2001 1 year(s)
TESTE TESTE 10-05-2022 1 year(s)
TexBoost SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 024523 - TexBoost: less Commodities more Specialities P2020 01-07-2017 4 year(s)
THE MOST Transimpedance Highly Efficient Micro & millimetrewave Optical Smart Transceiver ADI 01-01-2003 4 year(s)
THINGS2DO THINGS2DO FCT/JU 01-01-2014 3 year(s)
THRONE Devices and techniques for optical processing in high bit-rate networks FCT/PTDC 01-11-2007 3 year(s)
THz-BEGUN THz communication for Beyond 5G Ultra-fast Networks FCT 01-09-2018 1 year(s)
TIM Magnetic Induction Tomography - Development of the instrumentation and measuring methods for biomedical applications. FCT/POSC 01-06-2005 4 year(s)
TOBLU Single Side Band Optical Transmission FCT/POSI 01-01-2001 4 year(s)
TOMAR-PON Techniques Of Modulation And Remodulation for PON FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
TOMAR-PON Técnicas de modulação e remodulação para PON - TOMAR-PON FCT 01-03-2009 5 year(s)
TRAMANET TRAMANET – Traffic and Trust Management in Peer-to-Peer Networks FCT/PTDC 01-01-2008 4 year(s)
TRANSFIBRA New optical turbidity sensor based on optical fibers ADI 01-01-2012 2 year(s)
TRIVial Radio Interactive Transmission of Local Video ADI 01-04-2003 2 year(s)
TRUST SI I&DT Copromoção - Projeto de I&D à Escala Europeia Nr. 037930 - TRUST - Transportation and Road monitoring system for UbiquitouS real-Time information services P2020 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
TUPP Modeling of Power Amplifier Devices Huawei Technologies Sweden 01-01-2018 3 year(s)
TWave Phase conjugated twin waves to unlock the potential of future spatial division multiplexed systems (TWave) FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-03-2014 1 year(s)
TWIN SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 069557 - Twin: Plataforma híbrida de aprovisionamento de serviços e comunicações orquestradas para aplicações stateful com requisitos de latência e jitter P2020 31-01-2021 3 year(s)
UbiquiMesh Cross-Layer Optimization in Multiple Mesh Ubiquitous Networks FCT/PTDC 01-02-2010 3 year(s)
UID/EEA/50008/2013 UID/EEA/50008/2013 FCT 01-04-2015 3 year(s)
UltraTV SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 017738 - UltraTV – Ecossistema de aplicações para TV UltraHD P2020 01-04-2016 3 year(s)
UMM Gestão de Mobilidade Centrada no Utilizador Final FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 3 year(s)
VADONetC Simplified Volterra analysis for dynamical optical networks compensation IT/LA 01-06-2014 2 year(s)
VALUE Novel dual-band balanced antennas for 700/2600 Mhz LTE frequency bands IT/LA 01-09-2014 2 year(s)
VDTN@Lab Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks IT/LA 01-01-2009 2 year(s)
VIDAS VIsible light communications for advanced Driver Assistance Systems FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 3 year(s)
Virtual Fiber Box SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 033910 - Virtual Fiber Box P2020 01-06-2018 4 year(s)
VisIoN Visible light based Interoperability and Networking EU/H2020 01-09-2017 4 year(s)
VLCLighting Visible Light Communications for LED based Public Lighting Systems IT/LA 01-11-2014 3 year(s)
VTL Semáforos Virtuais FCT/PTDC 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
WeHope WeHope - Wearable e-health optical fiber monitoring system IT 01-10-2016 2 year(s)
WHERE Wireless Hybrid Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators EU/FP7 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
WHERE2 Wireless Hybrid Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators 2 EU/FP7 01-06-2010 3 year(s)
WIBCAAST WIBCAAST Ampleon 01-01-2020 5 year(s)
WIDECOM Amplificador de banda larga para DWDM FCT/POSI 01-01-2001 2 year(s)
WIDEMONITOR SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 003460 - WIDEMONITOR Sistema de monitorização de espectro P2020 01-11-2015 3 year(s)
WIFI2020 WIFI2020 PT Inovação 01-07-2017 1 year(s)
WIFID WIFI DISTRIBUTION PT Inovação 01-03-2012 1 year(s)
WIFILOCA Location Based Services in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Systems PT Inovação 01-04-2005 2 year(s)
WIP An All-Wireless Mobile Network Architecture EU 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
WISQUAS WISQUAS ADI 01-01-2005 3 year(s)
WMAN WMAN QREN 01-09-2013 2 year(s)
WoNet Wavelength Division Multiplexing and OCDMA for broadcast and Select Networks FCT/POSI 01-05-2002 2 year(s)
WST4IIoT WS4IIoT P2020 01-10-2016 2 year(s)
XiongJi Wideband Power Amplifier Design Methodologies Huawei Technologies Sweden 01-06-2019 2 year(s)