Participation in Projects

Running Projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
TERRAMETA Terahertz Reconfigurable Metasurfaces for ultra-high rate wireless communications EU/Horizon Europe 01-01-2023 4 year(s)

Closed projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
5G MIMO TESTBED MIMO Testbed for 5G mmWave Wireless Communications IT/LA 01-11-2017 2 year(s)
5G TESTBED Hardware Testbed for 5G (mmWave) Wireless Communications based on FPGA Software Defined Radio IT/LA 01-02-2017 2 year(s)
BenchProM Benchmarks for High-resolution Mobile Radiowave Propagation Models IT/LA 01-10-2014 2 year(s)
BUILFROMFOREST High-performance wooden buildings P2020 01-09-2017 3 year(s)
DVB-T Trials DVB-T Trials IT/LA 01-05-2009 1 year(s)
e-Beaming Electronically Reconfigurable FSS-inspired Transmitarray for Two Dimensional Beamsteering IT/LA 01-02-2017 2 year(s)
e-DRET Enhancement of dRET input parameter extraction using deconvolution IT/LA 01-07-2009 1 year(s)
HLS Hybrid Log Shielding FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-09-2018 4 year(s)
MARES Satellite-based microwave remote sensing for marine litter mapping ESA-ESTEC 04-10-2021 3 year(s)
MMSUPER Metamaterial superabsorbers for harnessing wireless power IT, FCT 01-12-2016 2 year(s)
MultiSound Improvement of a multi-frequency swept-time delay cross-correlation channel sounder for propagation studies and SAR imagery IT/LA 01-10-2014 2 year(s)
OPTIMIZEDWOOD Optimization of forest resources in construction P2020 01-12-2016 3 year(s)
Propagation5G Study and optimisation of propagation models for 5G FCT/CAPES 01-04-2019 4 year(s)
RADAVANT RADAVANT RAdar para Detection and Avoidance em Veículos Aéreos Não Tripulados | Radar for Detection and Avoidance in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles FEDER/PO CENTRO/SI-IDT, FEDER 03-09-2018 2 year(s)
Ray-BaM Ray trace based model for micro- and millimeter-wave propagation through vegetation IT/LA 01-10-2014 3 year(s)
RESCuE-TOOL Radio coverage for emergency communication systems to operate under critical wildfire environments TOOL FCT 31-12-2018 5 year(s)
RFWALL RF transparency control of building wall structures in the Iberian context IT/LA 01-10-2014 2 year(s)
SGF Sistema de Gestão de Frotas PT Inovação 01-12-2009 1 year(s)
STDCC-IF Development of a swept-time delay cross-correlation channel sounder – IF Stage IT/LA 01-05-2009 1 year(s)
UDICMI Ultra High Definition Image Communication for Medical Imaging QREN 01-01-2013 3 year(s)
WSN_EM Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring FCT 01-09-2018 4 year(s)