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Participation in Projects

Running Projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
WSN_EM Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring FCT 01-09-2018 4 year(s)

Closed projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
AISMAD AISMAD – Advanced Integrated Switched-Mode Audio Drivers IT/LA 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
Digital_PAs Digital_PAs - Digital RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Applications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2009 4 year(s)
DISRUPTIVE DISRUPTIVE - A Paradigm Shift in the Design of Analog and Mixed-Signal Nanoelectronic Circuits and Systems FCT 01-04-2013 4 year(s)
HAICAS Hierarchical Analog IC Automatic Synthesis IT 01-05-2020 2 year(s)
LAY(RF)^2 Ready-to-Fabricate RF and mmWave Integrated Circuit Layouts IT 01-02-2020 2 year(s)
OPERA OPERA - Layout-Aware Analog IC Design Automation IT/LA 01-03-2014 2 year(s)
SiMTraMil Silicon Monolithic Transceiver for Portable Communication Systems in Millimetre Wave FCT/PTDC 01-03-2010 3 year(s)
uFlexBat Batteryless energy supply system based on flexible organic photovoltaic cells IT/LA 01-12-2016 3 year(s)