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Participation in Projects

Running Projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration

Closed projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
AISMAD AISMAD – Advanced Integrated Switched-Mode Audio Drivers IT/LA 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
CAR Vehicular Electronics IT/LA 01-02-2005 3 year(s)
HEAD HEAD – Integrated Class D Audio Amplifier with High Efficiency IT/LA 01-11-2008 2 year(s)
OCAP Optimization of Circuit topologies for Active Power filters FCT/POCTI 01-11-2002 4 year(s)
PQ Power Quality IT/LA 01-06-2004 2 year(s)
RadioAire Estudo de Viabilidade do Centro de Radiocomunicações de Serra d'Aire ICP-ANACOM 01-10-1995 2 year(s)
Space-DCDC Space-DCDC – DC-DC controller for space applications IT/LA 01-10-2008 2 year(s)
SWITCH Power Electronics Circuits for Complex Power Systems IT/LA 01-01-2003 2 year(s)
uFlexBat Batteryless energy supply system based on flexible organic photovoltaic cells IT/LA 01-12-2016 3 year(s)