Participation in Projects

Running Projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
EMLAYERING ElectroMagnetic LAYER-wise testING for powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing FCT 01-01-2022 2 year(s)
ManagiDiTH : Master of Managing Digital Transformation in the Health Sector EUROPEAN HEALTH AND DIGITAL EXECUTIVE AGENCY (HADEA) 01-01-2023 4 year(s)
RIF Robô para Inspeção de Fornos de UGH Petrobras 01-01-2023 3 year(s)

Closed projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
ADCPN Influence of Phase Noise and Jitter in the testing of telecommunication ADCs. IT/LA 01-07-2005 3 year(s)
AQA Global Monitoring Based on Smart Sensors for Environment Quality FCT/PNAT 01-03-2001 4 year(s)
AQA/Sado Water Quality Assessment in Sado Estuary IPS 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
CHARF Non-invasive RF 4D Thorax Hemodynamic Characterization FCT/PTDC 01-07-2016 4 year(s)
CRACK Flaw Imaging in Metals by Contactless Conductivity FCT/PTDC 01-10-2007 4 year(s)
DICSAP/WCA Design, Implementation and Characterization of Stand-Alone Prototypes for Water Conductivity Assessment IT/LA 01-05-2005 4 year(s)
EHR-Physio Electronic Health Records: Needs, Requirements, and Barriers of Adoption in Physiotherapy FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 3 year(s)
EHR-Wheel Electronic Health Records for Wheelchairs Users FCT, RIPD 01-05-2010 3 year(s)
ESPECTRO Spectrum Monitorization and Control. Integration of Infrastructures ICP-ANACOM 01-02-2002 9 year(s)
EUPAS EUropean Project for ADC-based devices Standardization IT/LA 01-01-1998 11 year(s)
EvalTubes Remaining Life Evaluation of Catalytic Furnace Tubes FCT 01-05-2014 2 year(s)
GOA Listening Dolphins and Measuring the Water Quality where they Live Ciência Viva 01-04-2006 3 year(s)
HomeTelecare HomeTelecare PT Inovação 01-03-2010 1 year(s)
HORA Disseminação horária IPQ 11-08-2004 1 year(s)
HYPOVEG Experimental Characterization of Instream-Hyporheic Fluxes in Vegetated Channels and Wetlands 01-03-2012 3 year(s)
I2ACAS In-service Inspection for Advanced Composite Aerospace Structures FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
IMPANA Development and implementation of an impedance analyzer based on analog to digital conversion and powerful signal processing algorithms FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
InADC InADC-In depth analysis of analog to digital converter methods FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
INSPECT INSPECT - Integrated Nano Sensor Probes and Electronics for Eddy Currents Testing FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 3 year(s)
Intellab Inteligence in Laboratories Intellab 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
INTIMAS Interoperability in Enviromental and Marine Sensor Networks Ministério da Ciência e Inovação Espanhol 01-01-2009 3 year(s)
INTMARSIS Interoperability and implementation of autonomous marine platforms for seismic monitoring Ministério da Ciência e Inovação Espanhol 01-09-2014 3 year(s)
LUSO Acção Luso Espanhola - Sismógrafos do Fundo Marinho. Optimização das Técnicas de Desenho dos Instrumentos de Medida: Aquisição, Registo e Tratamento de Dados CRUP
MMSUPER Metamaterial superabsorbers for harnessing wireless power IT, FCT 01-12-2016 2 year(s)
NECTDiMe New error correction techniques for digital measurement instruments FCT/POCTI 01-02-2004 4 year(s)
NMMADC New measurements methods in Analog to Digital Converters testing FCT/POCTI 01-10-2000 3 year(s)
NORIT Incidence of Norway lobster emergence activity rythms on its populations assessment Ministério da Educação e Ciencia Espanhol 01-12-2005 4 year(s)
OSTRAQUAL OSTRAQUAL – Enhancing and Promoting the Oyster Aquaculture Quality in Sado and Mira Region FEDER/QREN, FCT 01-01-2018 2 year(s)
Powerquality Fast and accurate power quality measurements using analog to digital converters and digital signal processing techniques FCT/POSC 01-03-2007 2 year(s)
PQM/ADC/DSP Power quality measurements using analog to digital converters and digital signal processing techniques IT/LA 01-09-2005 3 year(s)
RELIM Reliable Methods to Inspect CFP Composites 01-07-2016 2 year(s)
SMARDO Smart System for Monitoring of Wild Dolphin – Antropogenic Factors Interactions IT/LA 01-10-2005 3 year(s)
TailorPhy Smart Sensors and Tailored Environments for Physiotherap FCT 15-04-2016 4 year(s)
TIM Magnetic Induction Tomography - Development of the instrumentation and measuring methods for biomedical applications. FCT/POSC 01-06-2005 4 year(s)
TIMII Magnetic Induction Tomography - High Resolution Imaging Instrumentation FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
UEMC-IM Update and Extension of the Measuring Capabilities of the Instrumentation and Measurement Group of the Institute of Telecommunications - Lisbon FCT/REEQ 01-06-2002 5 year(s)
WeHope WeHope - Wearable e-health optical fiber monitoring system IT 01-10-2016 2 year(s)
Wi-mm Millimetre-wave wireless indoor link with automatic tracking antenna IT/LA 01-10-2008 2 year(s)