Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Permanent Staff8

Name Degree Position Email
Ana Maria Sousa da Rocha PhD Researcher Send Email
Berta Neto PhD Researcher Send Email
Lúcia Maria Botas Bilro PhD Researcher Send Email
Maria de Fátima Fonseca Domingues PhD Post. Doc. Send Email
Nélia Jordão Alberto PhD Researcher Send Email
Ricardo Jorge Figueiredo Oliveira PhD Post. Doc. Send Email
Rogério Nunes Nogueira PhD Researcher Send Email
Stanislav Igorevich Maslovski PhD Researcher Send Email

Other collaborators7

Name Degree Position Email
Carlos Alberto Ferreira Marques PhD Researcher Send Email
Cátia Vanessa Rodrigues Tavares PhD Student Send Email
Filipa da Rosa Carvalhal Sequeira MSc PhD Student Send Email
João Lemos Pinto Agregação Full Professor Send Email
Liliana Mendes Sousa PhD Student Send Email
Paulo Fernando da Costa Antunes PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Tiago de Brito Paixão PhD Student Send Email

MSc and other students6

Name Position
Ana Catarina Peixoto Nepomuceno MSc Student
André Luis BSc Student
Guilherme Lopes BSc Student
João Augusto Santos MSc Student
Mariana Silva BSc Student
Teresa Narciso BSc Student


Name Degree Position Email
Rui Min External Author Send Email