Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Permanent Staff3

Name Degree Position Email
Joaquim José de Castro Ferreira PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Jose Alberto Gouveia Fonseca PhD Associate Professor Send Email
Muhammad Alam PhD Post. Doc. Send Email

Other collaborators9

Name Degree Position Email
Ehsan Shahri PhD Student Send Email
Emanuel Sousa Vieira PhD Student Send Email
João Miguel Pereira de Almeida PhD Researcher Send Email
Luis Emanuel Moutinho da Silva PhD Post. Doc. Send Email
Luis Miguel Tomé Nóbrega MSc PhD Student Send Email
Paulo Alexandre Ferreira Neto Alves Afonso PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Paulo Jorge de Campos Bartolomeu PhD Researcher Send Email
Ronaldo da Silva Ferreira PhD Student Send Email
Valter Filipe Miranda Castelão da Silva PhD Assistant Professor Send Email

MSc and other students1

Name Position
Rafael Fernandes de Oliveira MSc Student


Name Degree Former Position Email
António Luis Ferreira Marques External Author Send Email
Maria Margarida Carreira Pires Urbano MSc External Author Send Email