Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Permanent Staff7

Name Degree Position Email
Adão Paulo Soares Silva PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Atílio Manuel da Silva Gameiro PhD Associate Professor Send Email
Daniel Filipe Marques Castanheira PhD Researcher Send Email
Juliana Barros Carvalho Researcher Send Email
Luís Carlos Carneiro Gonçalves PhD Researcher Send Email
Sara Helena Marques Teodoro PhD Researcher Send Email
Syed Saqlain Ali PhD Post. Doc. Send Email

Other collaborators4

Name Degree Position Email
Antonio Navarro Rodrigues PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Gustavo Miranda Castilho dos Anjos MSc PhD Student Send Email
Roberto Louro Magueta MSc PhD Student Send Email
Rohit Kumar Research Grant PhD Student Send Email

MSc and other students1

Name Position
Joumana Kassam MSc Student