Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Permanent Staff4

Name Degree Position Email
André Manuel dos Santos Mendes PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Luis Miguel Antunes Caseiro PhD Researcher Send Email
Marina Mendes Sargento Domingues Perdigao PhD Associate Professor Send Email
Sérgio Manuel Ângelo da Cruz PhD Associate Professor Send Email

Other collaborators4

Name Degree Position Email
Emanuel Gonçalves Marques PhD Student Send Email
Pedro Filipe da Costa Gonçalves PhD Student Send Email
Tiago José Leitão de Oliveira MSc PhD Student Send Email
Valter de Sousa Costa PhD Student Send Email

MSc and other students4

Name Position
Fidel Gomes Vunge Xilo MSc Student
João Luís Ferreira Filipe MSc Student
João Pedro Félix Duarte MSc Student
Martin Estorninho Blocher MSc Student


Name Degree Former Position Email
Hazem Radwan Hadla External Author Send Email