Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Permanent Staff4

Name Degree Position Email
Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Michel Celestino Paiva Ferreira PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Pedro Miguel Salgueiro dos Santos PhD Researcher Send Email
Pedro Miranda de Andrade de Albuquerque d´Orey PhD Researcher Send Email

Other collaborators16

Name Degree Position Email
Akilu Rilwan Muhammad PhD Student Send Email
Amir Rastegar Lari PhD Student Send Email
António Damião das Neves Rodrigues PhD Student Send Email
Aqsa Aslam PhD Student Send Email
Diogo Roberto de Melo e Diogo Machado PhD Student Send Email
Eduardo Filipe Amaral Soares PhD Student Send Email
Emanuel Ribeiro Lima PhD Student Send Email
Frederico Miguel do Céu Marques dos Santos PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
João Guilherme Pereira Rodrigues MSc PhD Student Send Email
José Miguel Pereira Azevedo PhD Student Send Email
Luis Miguel Pinho de Almeida PhD Associate Professor Send Email
Luis Miguel Ramos Barbara Cunha Pinto PhD Researcher Send Email
Orangel José Azuaje Contreras PhD Student Send Email
Pedro Miguel Alves Brandão PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Rui Pedro de Magalhães Claro Prior PhD Assistant Professor Send Email
Sérgio Armindo Lopes Crisóstomo PhD Assistant Professor Send Email

MSc and other students6

Name Position
Cristiano Filipe Vieira Barbosa MSc Student
Emanuel Martins da Cruz MSc Student
Filipe Miguel Neves Mendes MSc Student
João Pedro Gomes Barros MSc Student
Marcos José Lopes Pais MSc Student
Rui Filipe da Costa Carvalho MSc Student