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Armando Humberto Moreira Nolasco Pinto
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Scope of activities

Our aim is to implement secure and efficient information services based on quantum technologies. Our group joins expertise in electrical engineering, computer science, physics, and mathematics. Based on these expertises, we have been implementing quantum cryptography solutions for quantum key distribution, quantum random number generation and quantum secure multiparty computation. One of the main goals of the Group is to implement quantum-enabled cryptographic protocols to make secure multiparty computation services broadly available This is a major driver for the proliferation of critical electronic services such as Data-Mining, E-Democracy, E-Health, intelligent transport systems, among others, where security and privacy are primer enabling requirements.

Research Topics:

- Single and entangled photon sources
- Quantum random number generation
- Quantum key distribution
- Quantum oblivious key distribution
- Quantum secure multiparty computation
- Digital signal processing for photonic systems
- Post-processing for quantum cryptographic systems



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