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Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento
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Scope of activities

The Network Architectures and Protocols (NAP) group belongs to the Networks and Multimedia main area in Institute of Telecommunications – Aveiro, Portugal.

This group, launched in January 2011, is mainly targeting the proposal, analysis, evaluation and testing of new network architectures and protocols for the Future Internet.

The main activities carried out by the group are mainly concentrated in new architectures for mobility of users in inter-technology environments (integrating security), vehicular-to-vehicular communications, context-aware networks, self-control and self-management of networks, network and resources virtualization, and novel addressing paradigms for the Internet.

This group has a strong focus on Research Projects: European, such as FP7 projects (e.g., Future-Cities, ICT-4WARD, IST-Euro-NF, ICT-C-Cast, IST-WIP, IST-Daidalos, IST-C-Mobile); national projects with Companies (e.g., QREN PANORAMA and GAPOTT with Portugal Telecom Inovação, CloudAnchor with VMuse, REMAR with Tekever, EMM with Critical Software ) and from the government (e.g. FCT-MC-WMNs, FCT-UBIQUIMESH, FCT-UMM), and Transatlantic Projects, such as CMU|Portugal projects (e.g. DRIVE-IN).



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