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Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar
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Scope of activities

The Advanced Telecommunications and Networks Group (ATNoG) mission is to devise novel solutions and architectures for networks, and the systems using those networks. Starting from traditional technological problems, such as those of Quality of Service (QoS), Mobility, Multihoming, Ad-Hoc and intermittent connections, Multicast, or Network Management aspects, ATNoG has evolved into more holistic approaches, taking in consideration the increasingly interwoven aspects of modern communication systems. Currently, ATNoG is addressing the areas of Future Internet and Mobile Networks Architectures, Machine-to-Machine Communications, Security and Identification, Novel Service Infrastructures, Virtualization of large infrastructures with Software Defined Networking, as well as Traffic Analysis, or Storage and Mining of large data volumes.

In their specific areas of actuation, the experienced senior researchers composing ATNoG have created a strong record of contributions to the advance of the state of the art, in the form of works published in important journals and events, or directly to important research bodies such as IETF, IRTF or 5G-PPP. ATNoG has also made continuous efforts to collaborate with multiple international and national industries, providing consulting and participating in joint projects, which resulted in the innovation of key products in their area of actuation.


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