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  • L. M. Sousa, J. Vieira, M. Facão, G. Fernandes, R.N. Nogueira, Ana M. Rocha, Best Talk (Top 6), Grant winner of one of the best talks at the online conference IONS Ireland. Title of the talk: "Long-period grating based coupler for multi-core fiber systems", 01-11-2021
  • A. Abraray, T. Fernandes, S. Maslovski, Best Non-Student Poster Award at LAPC2018, Best Non-Student Poster Award at Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference., 01-11-2018
  • V. C. Duarte, AIIA2018 - Altice International Innovation Award 2018, Academy category: "Towards 5G: Tb/s speed Telecom Payloads", 01-10-2018
  • V. C. Duarte, Born From Knowledge - BfK Awards, Project: "Towards 5G" ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação, 01-10-2018
  • C. Marques, P. Antunes, N. Alberto, J. Melo, P.S André, H Varum, BEST YOUNG RESEARCH PAPER - CINPAR 2016, Bond-slip monitoring of RC through optical fiber sensor, XII. International Conference on Structural Repair and Pathology – CINPAR 2016, 01-10-2016
  • R.P. Dionísio, A. Teixeira, R.N. Nogueira, Best Student Paper Award on Optical Communications and Sensors, AOP2014, Aveiro Portugal, 01-05-2014
  • S. Maslovski, C.R. Simovsky, A. Tretyakov, Best Paper Award, The Best Paper Award (1st prize) for the work entitled "Equivalent Circuit Approach for Radiative Heat Transfer Problems" presented at "The 7th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics - Metamaterials 2013", Bordeaux, France, September 16-19, 2013., 01-09-2013
  • T. A. Morgado, J. Marcos, M. G. Silveirinha, S. Maslovski, CST University Publication Award 2012, The CST University Publication Award is an annual grant to university institutes and researchers for their work in the application of 3D EM field simulation., 01-12-2012
  • L. Bilro, N. Alberto, P. Antunes, P.S André, R.N. Nogueira, Best poster award, Best poster award in the Engineering Category at the Annual Research Day at University of Aveiro "Optical Fiber Sensors and Applications by: Lúcia Bilro, Nélia Alberto, Paulo Antunes, Rogério Nogueira, Paulo André", 01-06-2012
  • Ana M. Rocha, M. Facão, J. P. Sousa Sousa, A. Viegas Viegas, Best poster award, Best poster award in International Conference on Electromagnetic fields Health and Environment (EHE'06) with "Simulation of Electromagnetic Leakage from a Microwave Oven", 01-04-2006
  • R.N. Nogueira, IEEE Student grant award, , 01-10-2002