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  • S.M. Mumtaz, IET Fellow, IET Fellow, 01-09-2020
  • S.M. Mumtaz, IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecturer (2020-2022), IEEE Industry Applications Society, 01-08-2020
  • I. Elfergani, J. Rodriguez, Electromagnetic Bandgap Backed Millimeter-Wave MIMO Antenna for Wearable Applications, Best Paper Award at The IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter, 01-02-2020
  • S.M. Mumtaz, IEEE ComSoc Best Young Professionals Award (2019), ComSoc YP is committed to recognise talent amongst Young Professionals working in the area of communications, 01-12-2019
  • Z. Zhou, J. Feng, B. Gu, B Ai, S.M. Mumtaz, J. Rodriguez, . Guizani Guizani, When Mobile Crowd Sensing Meets UAV: Energy-Efficient Task Assignment and Route Planning, Best Paper Award:IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Communications Systems Integration and Modeling IEEE Transactions on Communication, 2018, 01-12-2019
  • H. Liao, Z. Zhou, X. Zhao, B Ai, S.M. Mumtaz, Task Offloading for Vehicular Fog Computing under Information Uncertainty: A Matching-Learning Approach, Best Paper Award: IEEE 15th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference (IWCM), June, Tangier, Morocco , 2019, 01-06-2019
  • S. A. Busari, K. Huq, S.M. Mumtaz, J. Rodriguez, Impact of 3D Channel Modeling for Ultra-High Speed Beyond-5G Networks, Best Paper Award in Ultra-High Speed, Low Latency and Massive Connectivity Communication for 5G/B5G Workshop in IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2018, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 01-12-2018
  • S.M. Mumtaz, ACM Distinguished Speaker,, 01-11-2018
  • M. J. M. de Ree, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Grant #722424, This research grant is awarded to outstanding, self-motivated PhD students for project SECRET: a collaborative European Training Network (ETN) targeting research on 5G mobile systems., 30-11-2017
  • J. Rodriguez, A. Radwan, C. Barbosa, Best Paper Award, Paper: “SECRET - Secure Network Coding for Reduced Energy Next Generation Mobile Small cells - A European Training Network in Wireless Communications and Networking for 5G” Venue: 7th International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications 2017: EERT 2017 – 5th International Workshop on Energy Efficient and Reconfigurable Transceivers (EERT), 01-09-2017
  • J. Rodriguez, S. A. Busari, S.M. Mumtaz, K. Huq, "X2-Handover Performance in LTE Ultra-Dense Networks using NS-3", Best Paper Award: "X2-Handover Performance in LTE Ultra-Dense Networks using NS-3" Venue:7th International Conference on Cognitive Radio (COCORA-2017), Venice, Italy., 01-07-2017
  • S.M. Mumtaz, Vice Chair, IEEE SA-P1932.1 (Standard for Licensed/Unlicensed Spectrum Interoperability in Wireless Mobile Networks), 01-01-2017
  • J. Rodriguez, F. Saghezchi, 2015 Innovation Award - E2SG, The Innovation Award is given by the European Commission to reward the most innovative idea developed under the FP7 projects., 01-12-2015
  • J. Rodriguez, Fellow of the IET, Fellow of the IET - Fellow Degree of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, 01-07-2015
  • J. Rodriguez, J. B. Bastos, G. Mantas, 2015 CATRENE Innovation Award - NEWPASS, The Innovation Award recognizes projects which have demonstrated a high level of innovation, market impact, exploitation potential and overall benefits for Europe., 01-06-2015
  • M. J. M. de Ree, H/Link Most Newsworthy Thesis, The editorial staff of Link, the online magazine for students and staff of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, awards a prize each year for the most newsworthy thesis as an incentive for students whose thesis superlatively demonstrates the value of applied sciences research to society. Winner of the 2013 Thesis Award Mark de Ree, a student of Mathematics and Applications at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, developed a software application that makes it easier to comb through large amounts of digital evidence., 31-03-2013
  • A. M. O. D. Duarte, HP Innovations in Education grant 2009, HP Innovations in Education grants are targeted at key faculty responsible for undergraduate degree programs. The focus is on proposals that are enhancing degree programs in engineering, computer science, information systems, and information technology. HP Innovations in Education grants distinguish academics that are committed to exploring the innovations at the intersection of teaching, learning, and technology., 01-06-2009