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IP Academy | Cycle of Seminars on Intellectual and Industrial Property

on 28-04-2021

... Together with Patentree and Politécnico de Leiria, IT is promoting a cycle of seminars focused on Intellectual and Industrial Property. These sessions are aimed at any IT Member with interest on this theme.


Trade secret, open source and patents | Computer-implemented inventions

From research to market | Mechanical and Robotic inventions

From research to market | Medical devices & Biotechnology inventions

Space Race – Protection of inventions made or for use in space

Software and Business models

The first session will be held online, on April 28th | 2.30pm, and will focus on ICT:

- Trade secret, open source and patents – tips and tricks
- Computer-implemented inventions (in AI): Portuguese, European and US Jurisprudence

SPEAKER: Luís Humberto Ferreira
(European Patent Attorney)

To register for this first session on April 28th, exclusive for IT members, please follow the link:
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7th EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good - GoodTechs 2021

on 15-09-2021

... The EAI GoodTechs 2021 conference (Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good) aims to discuss innovative products or services that benefit the population, reaching the largest possible number of people. In an era in which technology is essential to the development of the economy and society and shows enormous potential to provide a better quality of life to the population, the conference intends to discuss issues such as its impact on health, safety, the environment, democracy, human rights, communication, art and entertainment.

The goal is to use technology to develop solutions that enhance the population's quality of life. Aveiro is an excellent city linked to innovation, with companies of national and regional character that can enhance the development of systems. The conference features lectures, workshops and dissemination of results of projects carried out on the design, implementation, implantation, operation and evaluation of objects and intelligent technologies for social good.

Organizing Committee

General Chairs: Ivan Miguel Pires (IT/UBI/IPV)
General Co-Chairs: Nuno M. Garcia (IT/UBI)
Special Sessions Chairs: Maria João Cardoso and Hanna Denysyuk (IT, Aveiro)
Local Chair: Susana Sargento (IT/UA)

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