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Seminar - Complexity with costing and stochastic oracles

on 21-06-2013

... Diogo Poças, IST - Universidade de Lisboa

June 21, 2013, Friday, 16h15m.

Abstract: We study the idea of coupling a Turing machine with an analog device as oracle, thus defining a new class of machines called the analog-digital Turing machines. An example of analog device is the Scatter Machine (SME, proposed by Beggs and Tucker in 2007, then coupled with a Turing machine in a model proposed by Beggs, Costa, Loff and Tucker later on in 2008). Following studies of different physical experiments of measurement led to the conclusion that the analog devices can be cathegorized in one of three different types: two-sided, threshold and vanishing, corresponding to three different oracles to Turing machines. (The SME is an example of two-sided type.) We analyze the computational power of such hybrid systems subject to polynomial resources. We shall present techniques to prove lower and upper bounds, considering different degrees of precision in the measurement procedure. Joint work with José Félix Costa.

Room: 3.10, Mathematics

Support: SQIG/Instituto de Telecomunicações with support from FCT and FEDER namely by the FCT project PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013. More Information..

CST WORKSHOP - Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico

on 18-06-2013

... (Room EA3, Torre Norte, IST, 18 June 2013, 09h00-17h00)


CST invites you to a free one-day seminar focused on successful design using the latest 3D electromagnetic simulation software.

Recent innovations have made EM simulation an essential and easy to use part of any high frequency or high speed design workflow. This workshop will explore how you can best exploit the technology for your own design area. The workshop will look at local industry requirements including RF / Microwave / Antenna design, EMC / EMI predictions, and EDA / Signal Integrity analysis.

Application oriented presentations and exciting live demos show you how simulation can significantly improve throughput and reduce costs.

On-line registration ( is needed to attend the workshop (free of charge). More Information..