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Advanced Wireless Technologies Challenges Seminar

on 06-10-2015

... Instituto de Telecomunicações - Aveiro and Rohde & Schwarz Portugal, cordially invite you to join us in the Advanced Wireless Technologies Challenges seminar, taking place in the IT - Aveiro site Auditorium on October 6th (Tuesday) starting 9h30.

For more information see the program on the following link or contact us if necessary.

Participation in the seminar is free, but seating is limited - Reservations are required until October 2nd at

We look forward to seeing you there!
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Building quantum machines out of light

on 02-10-2015

... Ian Walmsley, University of Oxford
02/10/2015, at 14:00
Room P9, Mathematics Building, IST

Light has the remarkable capacity to reveal quantum features under ambient conditions, making exploration of the quantum world feasible in simple laboratory experiments. Further, the availability of high-quality integrated optical components makes it possible to conceive of large-scale quantum states by bringing together many different quantum light sources and manipulating them in a coherent manner and detecting them efficiently. By this route, we can envisage a scalable photonic quantum network, that will facilitate the preparation of distributed quantum correlations among many light beams. This will enable a new regime of state complexity to be accessed - one in which it is impossible using classical computers to determine the structure and dynamics of the system: Photonic quantum machines will therefore open new frontiers in quantum science and technology.

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