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IT participation in JEEC 2024

on 19-02-2024

... Between the days 19 to 22 of February, JEEC took place at the new place of IST: TIC - Técnico Innovation Center!

We have been there too, showcasing what we do best. In this edition, we presented two prototypes: the innovative Breast Cancer Microwave project, spearheaded by our Antennas and Propagation group, and the cutting-edge "Biosignals Wearables" research led by our researcher and entrepreneur Hugo Plácido da Silva.

Our alumna and current researcher, Filipa Prudêncio, also a Professor at ISCTE, was invited to the Panel "Alumni Talks".

Moreover, our distinguished researchers Armando Pinto, Paulo Mateus, and Emmanuel Cruzeiro, along with Hugo Terças (Assistant Professor at IST), and Ernesto Galvão (Researcher at International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory), lead a captivating debate on Quantum Technologies.

Instituto de Telecomunicações work transcends widely the field of telecommunications. It's a dynamic field that fosters interdisciplinary research, uniting experts from diverse domains such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Antennas and Propagation, Quantum Technologies, Multimedia, and Organic Electronics, among others. More Information..

35th Seminar of the Mobile Communications Thematic Network - CfP

on 09-02-2024

... The Organizing Committee invites you to submit relevant work to the 35th Seminar of the Mobile Communications Thematic Network (RTCM), which is dedicated to the path toward 6G. We welcome submissions in various formats, including oral presentations, posters, and demo sessions.

The Seminar will take place on February 9, 2024, in Instituto de Telecomunicações, at the University of Beira Interior (IT/UBI), at the Green Amphitheatre of Health Science Faculty, in Covilhã.

There is an agreement with the Sport Hotel for those who would like to stay and visit Serra da Estrela.

The submitted works should be within the scope of the areas addressed by RTCM:
Mobility Management and Models in Wireless Networks;
Multimedia Services;
Security and Privacy in Wireless Networks;
Quality-of-Service and Resource Management in Heterogeneous Networks;
Sensor Networks;
Ad-hoc and Personal Area Networks;
Cloud-to-Edge continuum;
Internet of Things/Tactile Internet;
5G & 6G Networks;
Cognitive services;
Programmable networks.

The RTCM is a group with an interest in telecommunications, open to researchers, industry professionals, and other interested parties. This group develops seminars twice a year to share experiences and milestones.

The deadline for the applications is January 31, 2024.

Looking forward to your submissions and presence,

The Organizing Committee:
Fernando J. Velez (IT / UBI)
Rui R. Paulo (IT)
Diogo Gomes (IT/UA)
Daniel Corujo (IT/UA)
Marco Gomes (IT/UC),
Karima Velasquez (CISUC / UC)
Luís Bernardo (IT / UNL)
Filipe B. Teixeira (INESC TEC/FEUP)

Please use the following form to register your contribution: More Information..