Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications

Presenting the Aveiro Tech City Living Lab

on 14-04-2021

... The Aveiro Tech City Living Lab is an advanced, large-scale communications infrastructure, spread throughout the city of Aveiro at the service of researchers, digital industries, startups, scaleups, R&D centers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders interested in developing, testing or demonstrating concepts, products or services.

The access infrastructure is supported on state-of-the-art
fibre technology, reconfigurable radio units, 5G-NR radio and 5G network services, WiFi, LoRaWAN, Vehicular, and passive Radars, edge computing units, aggregating and interconnecting a panoply of sensors, such as environmental sensors, Lidars, Radars and mobility sensors, and remote information gathering units that extend throughout the urban area of the city of Aveiro.

In this framework, IT would like to invite you to this online workshop which will officially present the Aveiro Tech City Living Lab. It will be held on 14 April 2021, at 6-7pm.

If you are unable to attend on this date, we inform that on 28 April, at 5 pm, the University of Aveiro will promote this workshop.

Pleas use the following link to confirm your presence, until 12 April 2021: More Information..

IST Zoom seminar series Mathematics, Physics & Machine Learning

on 09-04-2021

... IT is co-organizing the IST Zoom seminar series Mathematics, Physics & Machine Learning. The aim is to bring together mathematicians and physicists interested in machine learning (ML) with ML and AI experts interested in mathematics and physics, with the goals of introducing innovative Mathematics and Physics-inspired techniques in Machine Learning and, reciprocally, applying Machine Learning to problems in Mathematics and Physics. More Information..