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Seminar - Quantum simulation with optical lattices

on 04-10-2012

... This seminar will be about quantum simulation with dressed optical lattices. I will first define and motivate the concept of quantum simulation and present some of the first theoretical proposals and experimental realizations of quantum simulators. I will move on to give an introduction to the physics of optical lattices and state-dependent optical lattices. Then, I will present some of the quantum simulator proposals we have put forth using this technology.

Octavi Boada
U Barcelona

04/10/2012, 11:00
Room P3.10, Mathematics Building More Information..

Conftele2013 - 9th Conference on Telecommunications

on 02-10-2012

... Conftele-2013 – 8, 9, 10 May, 2012
9th Conference on Telecommunications

Hotel Tryp Colina do Castelo – Castelo Branco - Portugal

Scope: This conference aims to be an international forum for the exchange of information and ideas among universities, research units, service providers, operators and manufacturers, on recent cutting-edge technical issues in telecommunications.

Registration: Opens on 15th of March.

Call for papers:
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