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Seminar - On the origin of (statistical) temperature in quantum Universe

on 23-10-2012

... Vladimír Buzek, Slovak Academy of Sciences

23/10/2012, 11:00 ­ Room P3.10(to be confirmed), Post-Graduation Building, IST.

In my talk we will show that within a non-relativistic quantum-mechanical model of a Universe (the q-Universe) the statistical temperature emerges as a consequence of quantum entanglement. In particular, I will model the q-Universe as a system of interacting spin-1/2 particles described by a specific Hamiltonian (e.g. the Ising Hamiltonian). The q-Universe is assumed to be in a pure state of its Hamiltonian. I will show that any (almost) sub-system of the q-Universe is in a mixed state described by a density operator such that probabilities of outcomes of measurements in the energy eigenbasis of the sub-system can be very well approximated by the Boltzmann distribution. More Information..

Seminar - Quantum simulation with optical lattices

on 04-10-2012

... This seminar will be about quantum simulation with dressed optical lattices. I will first define and motivate the concept of quantum simulation and present some of the first theoretical proposals and experimental realizations of quantum simulators. I will move on to give an introduction to the physics of optical lattices and state-dependent optical lattices. Then, I will present some of the quantum simulator proposals we have put forth using this technology.

Octavi Boada
U Barcelona

04/10/2012, 11:00
Room P3.10, Mathematics Building More Information..