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Seminar Benchmarks and statistics of entanglement dynamics

on 02-11-2010

... Markus Tiersch (U Innsbruck).

November 2, 2010, Tuesday, 15h.
Location: Room P3.10, Mathematics Building (to be confirmed).

The endeavor to extend genuine quantum effects to ever larger systems, and to elucidate whether or not such quantum effects play a non-trivial role in driven, complex molecular systems poses a great technological and, moreover, conceptual challenge. Entanglement is a quantum effect that is required to demonstrate the genuine features of quantum physics beyond the wave-particle duality, namely to violate a Bell-inequality, and thereby proof correlations stronger than explainable by classical physics. In order to understand and efficiently assess entanglement in dynamical, complex systems under realistic conditions, we develop a unified picture of the dynamics of entanglement in general open quantum systems. A detailed algebraic analysis reveals evolution equations of entanglement, which show that it is possible to benchmark the entanglement dynamics with a single test state. A topological perspective for large quantum systems that employs results of high dimensional geometry yields effective, statistical results, which unveil a typical behavior of entanglement evolution. Both approaches thereby simplify the understanding of entanglement in a dynamical system, and stimulate the investigation of the role that entanglement plays in driven, complex systems far from thermal equilibrium. More Information..

Palestra - The Future of the Security Industry

on 29-10-2010

... The Instituto de Telecomunicações and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at FEUP are very glad to announce the following special lecture by Bruce Schneier, a world leading authority in security engineering.

Title: The Future of the Security Industry
Speaker: Bruce Schneier
Date: Friday, 29th of October, 2010
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: FEUP, Room B0.32

IT is rapidly becoming a commodity. More companies are outsourcing their IT infrastructure treating it as a service more like electricity, office cleaning, or tax preparation and this has profound implications for IT security. Organizational users care less about the technical details of security. Products and services change their focus from the end user to the outsourcer. Industry consolidation results, as non-security IT infrastructure companies eek to bolster their security credentials. Even the rofession changes, as jobs move from individual rganizations to the outsourcing companies, and in ome cases overseas. This talk looks at the future of T security in a mature IT infrastructure industry. More Information..