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Meeting the challenges of RF with mmWave for 5G

on 30-10-2018

... Rafael Caldeirinha, researcher from IT in Leiria and a Coordinator Professor in the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPLeiria)

Date & time: Tuesday, October 30th, 18:00h


Millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies in combination with small Radio Frequency (RF) coverage look to be key technologies for 5G networks. However, mmWave spectrum comes with high path losses and the solution of small RF coverage to reduce signal congestion suffers from distortions of the transmitted signals. This webinar will look at how measurements of RF front ends designed for mmWave can help address whether commercial-off-the-shelf chip-based RF front end technology is ready to be used for 5G networks.


Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha (Fellow Member IET and Senior Member IEEE) received the BEng (Hons) degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from the University of Glamorgan, UK, in 1997. In 2001, he was awarded a Ph.D in Radiowave Propagation by the same University for his research work in vegetation studies at frequencies from 1 to 62.4 GHz. He is currently Head of the Antennas & Propagation (A&P-Lr) research group at Instituto de Telecomunicações, Leiria, Portugal, and Coordinator Professor in Mobile Communications at the School of Technology and Management (ESTG) of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPLeiria), Portugal.
His research interests include studies of radiowave propagation through vegetation media, radio channel sounding and modeling and frequency selective surfaces, for applications at microwave and millimetre wave frequencies.

Prof. Caldeirinha has authored or co-authored more than 120 papers in conferences and international journals and 4 contributions to ITU-R Study Group, which formed the basis of the ITU-R P.833-5 (2005) recommendation. He is Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation journal; Associate Editor of the IET on Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation journal; Member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Communication Systems, IJCS (New York, Wiley); Program chair of WINSYS International Conference between 2006 and 2012; Appointed Officer for Awards and Recognitions of the IEEE Portugal section in 2014; Chair of the IEEE Portugal Joint Chapter on Antennas & Propagation - Electron Devices - Microwave Theory & Techniques since 2016; Regional Delegate of European Association for Antennas and Propagation (EurAAP) for Andorra, Portugal and Spain since March, 2017; and a Senior Member of IEEE and Fellow Member of IET.

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5G for Smart Cities

on 19-10-2018

... This coming October 19, the P2020 project “MobiWise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising” is organizing a workshop entitled “5G for Smart Cities”, to be held at the Auditório do Departamento do Ambiente in the Aveiro University Campus.
The P2020 MobiWise project ( has been building a 5G platform that incorporates an access infrastructure, with sensors and vehicles, with the aim of improving urban mobility, both for its inhabitants as well as visitors.
The project interconnects the several fixed and mobile elements (such as cars, drones, moliceiros, bicycles, sensors), and uses all the possible information to improve the mobility of its users, through a network and a platform of services that support the deployment of the Internet of Things in a smart city.
MobiWise studies and integrates different types of technologies and networks in the same infrastructure with support for mobility, services and applications delivered through a distributed cloud, with virtualization explored through SDN and the dynamic management of information, resources and services.
The partners of this project are the Instituto de Telecomunicações (Aveiro and Porto), University of Aveiro, the Centro de Tecnologia Mecânica e Automação (TEMA), and the University of Coimbra (Centro de Informática e Sistemas - CISUC, e Centro de Matemática - CMUC).
The workshop panels will have representatives of the largest telecommunications operators in Portugal (MEO, NOS and Vodafone), as well as manufacturers, Siemens and Ericsson, and specialists in wireless networks such as Wavecom.
At the level of 5G verticals, from mobility to cities, there will be a panel with representatives from Bosch, Ceiia, CityBrain, Veniam, Nokia and IMT.
The members of the advisory board: R. Boutaba - Univ. Waterloo, N. Rouphail - Inst. Transportation Research and Education; P. Steenkiste - Carnegie Mellon Univ., P.
Kacsuk - MTA Sztaki; R. Russell - Founder and Former CTO Come; F. Araújo - C. Municipal Porto and F. Glineur- Univ. Catholique de Louvain, will also be present in this intermediate workshop for the project stakeholders.
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