Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications

ConfTele - 4th Conference on Telecommunications

on 20-06-2003

... In the wake of the previous editions, Instituto de Telecomunicações organizes the 4th Conference on Telecommnunications, ConfTele2003, to be held in Aveiro, on 18-20 June 2003.

Aware of the important and pervasive role of telecommunications in society, driven by a relentless demand for new services and by market deregulation, ConfTele2003 aims to foster cooperation between the main players in the area of telecommunications: universities, research units, operators, service providers and manufacturers.
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IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit 2003

on 18-06-2003

... The 12th Summit on Mobile and Wireless Communications is intended to reflect the goal of pushing the development of a global wireless information society, aiming consequently to be a forum where innovative and alternative solutions and respective results will be presented and discussed.

Following the recent realizations of 2001 in Barcelona and 2002 in Thessaloniki, the event will take place in Aveiro, Portugal, on June 15-18, 2003.
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