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EIEC 2018 - XII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics

on 16-05-2018

... EIEC 2018

XII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics

16 to 18 May 2018, Coimbra, Portugal

The XII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics will be held in Coimbra, from 16 to 18 May 2018. The venue chosen for this meeting is Quinta das Lágrimas. This meeting enables closer links and sharing information between Portuguese and Spanish research groups involved in applications of electromagnetism. In the spirit of facilitating the establishment of new collaborations between members of these different groups, this meeting promotes participation of all attendees through a close and familiar environment, with a highly specialized technical plenary session, allowing the groups to present the research lines currently under development and the most relevant results and state of the art in various fields covering the scope of the meeting.
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D-Wave's Approach to Quantum Computing

on 16-05-2018

... Colin P. Williams, from D-Wave Systems Inc,

Date & time: Wednesday, May 16th, 12:00h
Location: Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Room P8, Mathematics Building

Quantum computing promises to revolutionize computer technology as profoundly as the airplane revolutionized transportation. After dec ades of incubation, early generation quantum computers are finally appearing that allow people to begin experimentation in earnest. In this talk, I will describe D-Wave's approach to quantum computing, explain its pros and cons with respect to competing schemes, and give the rationale behind our design choices. Furthermore, I will give examples of how the native optimization and sampling capabilities of our quantum processor can be exploited to tackle problems in a variety of fields including healthcare, physics, finance, simulation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. More Information..