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Seminar - Manipulating Individual Quantum Systems: The Nobel Prize for Physics 2012

on 13-11-2012

... Manipulating Individual Quantum Systems: The Nobel Prize for Physics 2012
by Yasser Omar, ISEG-UTL and IT
14:00, Tuesday 13.11.2012
ROOM B3-01, Instituto de Investigação Interdisciplinar, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2, P-1649-003 Lisboa

In this talk I will review the discoveries by Dave Wineland and Serge Haroche (winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2012) that led to the hability to measure and control individual ions and photons, respectively. Furthermore, I will discuss how these discoveries allow us to investigate the quantum-classical border, including the decoherence of Schrödinger’s cat, as well as devise ways to build a quantum computer, a major research challenge nowadays. More Information..

Classic-like cut-based tableau systems for finite-valued logics

on 09-11-2012

... Carlos Caleiro, IST-UTL / SQIG-IT

November 9, 2012, Friday, 16h15m.

Abstract: A general procedure is presented for producing classic-like cut-based tableau systems for finite-valued logics. In such systems, cut is the only branching rule, and formulas are accompanied by signs acting as syntactic proxies for the two classical truth-values. The systems produced are guaranteed to be sound, complete and analytic, and they are also seen to polynomially simulate the truth-table method, thus extending known results about classical logic. Lukasiewicz's 3-valued logic is used throughout as a simple illustrative example. Joint work with M. Volpe and J. Marcos.

Room: 3.10, Mathematics

Support: SQIG/Instituto de Telecomunicações with support from FCT and FEDER namely by the FCT project PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2011.
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