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Webcast of seminars held at IT_Coimbra

on 21-07-2005

... IT_Coimbra has organized a program of regular seminars covering a diverse range of topics in Telecommunications. A webcast of these seminars is permanently available on-line in the link bellow, along with the PDF version of the presentation. More Information..


on 04-06-2005

... The conference presents a broad view of research and development in telecommunications. It is organized around the morning plenary sessions, where two key-note speakers will present the state of the art in leading-edge subjects, and the afternoon parallel thematic sessions, for oral presentations. The parallel sessions are arranged in streams, such as to enable maximum involvement and participation. Ample space is provided for posters sessions which will be allotted their own time slot. A panel discussion will close the conference.

The Conference, organised by IT, will be held at Hotel dos Templários - Tomar from April 6 to April 8 More Information..