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HSNMC'03 - 6th IEEE International Conference on High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications

on 25-07-2003

... HSNMC’03 is the 6th conference of a successful series started under the name of International Conference on ATM (ICATM), in Colmar (1998), and subsequently held in Colmar (1999), Heidelberg (2000), Seoul (2001) and Jeju (2002).
This edition of the conference is organized by Instituto de Telecomunicações and will be held in Estoril, Portugal, on July 23-25, 2003
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Summer School at IST-TUL on Wireless IP

on 21-07-2003

... A Summer School on ''Wireless Internet: network architectures, quality of service, services and applications'', targeted to (but not exclusive) Ph.D. students, will take place at the North Tower of the IST-TUL campus, Lisbon on 2003/07/21-25

The Summer Course is organized by Instituto Superior Técnico, and comprises one full week lectures by some of the key experts in the area,
and a final panel with discussion. Registrations until 2003/07/04.
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