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Palestra ''Os dados da rede de cardiologia pediátrica dos estados de Pernambuco e Paraíba''

on 16-02-2012

... Vital Responder - CMU-PT/CPS/0046/2008

No período compreendido entre 15 e 17 de Fevereiro de 2012, a Drª Sandra Mattos, cardiologista do Real Hospital Português, Recife, Brasil, deslocou-se a Portugal para fazer trabalho de consultora de cardiologia no âmbito do projecto Vital Responder. More Information..

Seminar - Some conceptual issues of quantum gravity

on 27-01-2012

... Marko Vojinovic (U Lisboa).

January 27, 2012, Friday, 15h.
Location: Room P4.35, Post-Graduation Building, IST.

Abstract: We shall attempt to give a non-rigorous and informal review about the implications of combining general relativity and quantum mechanics. The main focus will be on two topics, the Problem of Time and the Black-Hole Information Paradox, and their implications on the structure of both QM and GR. Some other relevant issues will also be mentioned, like quantum cosmology and the Measurement Problem. The goal of the lecture is to emphasize the main "points of friction" between GR and QM, and to illuminate why the gravity quantization program is nontrivial.

Support: CAMGSD, CFIF, CFP and SQIG/IT with support from FCT and FEDER, namely via projects PTDC/EEA-TEL/103402/2008 QuantPrivTel and PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2011.
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