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on 28-01-2010

... The Days in Logic 2010 conference runs from January 28 to 30 and aims
at bringing together mathematicians, computer scientists and other
scientists from Portugal (but also elsewhere) with interest in Logic.
It is specially directed to graduate students. The three previous
editions were held in:

* Lisboa (20088)
* Coimbra (20069)
* Braga (200410).

This event is organized by Luís Antunes (Dept. Computer Science, U.
Porto, Portugal & SQIG- Instituto de Telecomunicações), Mário Jorge
Edmundo (DCeT, U. Aberta, Portugal & CMAF - U. de Lisboa), and João
Rasga (Dep. Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico & SQIG- Instituto
de Telecomunicações), and sponsored by: Faculdade de Ciências da U.
Porto; CMAF - U. de Lisboa; SQIG - Instituto de Telecomunicações More Information..

CFIF seminar: Evolution of squeezed states under the Fock-Darwin Hamiltonian

on 26-01-2010

... Jaime Santos (Universidade do Minho)

Evolution of squeezed states under the Fock-Darwin Hamiltonian

Abstract: We develop a complete analytical description of the time evolution of squeezed states of a charged particle subjected to an harmonic force, a constant magnetic field and an arbitrary time-dependent electric field. We relate the evolution of a state-vector subjected to squeezing to that of state which is not subjected to squeezing and for which the time-evolution under the simple harmonic oscillator dynamics is known (e.g. an eigenstate of the Hamiltonian). A corresponding relation is also established for the Wigner functions of the states, in view of their utility in the analysis of cold-ion experiments
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