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Seminar Project monIT “Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation”

on 15-12-2010

... Mestre Daniel Sebastião, Instituto de Telecomunicações/Instituto Superior Técnico

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 14h30

This presentation is focused on the subject of electromagnetic radiation exposure, starting by a more general approach and then looking specifically at the mobile communication systems. It begins with an overview of general concepts, looking at the different sources and types of radiation, followed by the possible effects on the human health and the current exposure limits that are established in Portugal. Then, focuses on the mobile communication systems and the main characteristics that are used in order to reduce the overall exposure for the users. The presentation is finalized by a brief look at the monIT Projects' activities and results from all the measurement campaigns done so far. More Information..

Tree Search and Quantum Computation

on 26-11-2010

... Luís Tarrataca (IST-UTL).

November 26, 2010, Friday, 15h.
Location: Room P4.35, Post-Graduation Building, IST.

Abstract: Traditional tree search algorithms supply a blueprint for modeling problem solving behaviour. A diverse spectrum of problems can be formulated in terms of tree search. Quantum computation, namely Grover’s algorithm, has aroused a great deal of interest since it allows for a quadratic speedup to be obtained in search procedures. In this work we consider the impact of incorporating classical search concepts alongside Grover’s algorithm into a hybrid quantum search system. Some of the crucial points examined include: (1) the reverberations of contemplating the use of non-constant branching factors; (2) determining the consequences of incorporating an heuristic perspective into a quantum tree search model. Joint work with Andreas Wichert. More Information..