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IV Seminar in Multi-Gigabit Optical Networks - July 18, 2007

on 18-07-2007

... Scope:
With a strong commitment to create and disseminate scientific knowledge in the field of telecommunications, the Instituto de Telecomunicações presents the IV Seminar in Multi-Gigabit Optical Networks. In this edition the seminar will be devoted to polarization and quantum effects in optical communication systems. With distinguished speakers, this seminar offers cutting-edge information for researchers and graduate students.


The seminar is free, however, because space is limited, registration is required. Registrations will be accepted following the order of arrival. To register, please, contact Sandra Corujo.
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V Symposium On Enabling Optical Networks

on 29-06-2007

... Topics

The scope of the Symposium is concentrated on the applications of optical technologies in brodband telecommunication networks, systems, and components, including (but not limited to):

Digital All-Optical Networks deployment
Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Optical Time Domain Multiplexing
Chromatic Dispersion monitoring and compensation
Polarization Mode Dispersion monitoring and compensation
Wavelength conversion
Optical amplifiers
Nonlinear transmission
Light sources
Optical switching and routing
Network reliability & availability
Radio-over-fiber transmission
Broadband metro and access networks
Modelling of optical systems and components
Network planning and design tools
Standardisation issues

Also, it will be focused on reporting recent developments in optical fibre/guided-wave sensors, photonic sensing devices and related technologies.
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