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SSSPR’2004 ­ Joint IAPR International Workshops on Structural and Syntactical Pattern Recognition (SSPR 2004) and Statistical Pattern Recognition (SPR 2004)

on 18-08-2004

... Co-Chairs: Ana Fred, Terry Caelli, Aurélio Campilho, Bob Duin

The workshops aim at promoting interaction and collaboration not only
among researchers working directly in the areas covered by the
Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) technical committees on
Statistical PR (TC1) and Structural and Syntactical PR (TC2), but also
among those specialized in other fields who use statistical, syntactic
or structural techniques.
The present event will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on August 18-20,
2004. The workshops will comprise of invited talks, oral and poster
presentations. During the workshop a plenary session, including
presentations and an open discussion, will be devoted to an
investigation of the relations between structural and statistical
pattern recognition. As with the previous editions (this is the 10th
SSPR and the 5th SPR), the proceedings will be published by Springer
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