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MTPT - ADVANCED SCHOOL AND WORKSHOP on Mathematical Techniques and Problems in Telecommunications

on 12-09-2003

... This event comes in the follow-up of a rather successful, even if less ambitious event, ''Matemática em Telecomunicações: Que Problemas ?'', organized by IT in 1997.

The present event will take place in Tomar, Portugal, on September 8-12th. Each of the five days of this event is dedicated to one mathematical theme: besides the course, each day program also includes a session dedicated to problem/solution pairs submitted by telecommunications engineers, and solved by interested mathematicians.
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HSNMC'03 - 6th IEEE International Conference on High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications

on 25-07-2003

... HSNMC’03 is the 6th conference of a successful series started under the name of International Conference on ATM (ICATM), in Colmar (1998), and subsequently held in Colmar (1999), Heidelberg (2000), Seoul (2001) and Jeju (2002).
This edition of the conference is organized by Instituto de Telecomunicações and will be held in Estoril, Portugal, on July 23-25, 2003
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